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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

11-16-2010 Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone, thanks for tuning in today. I'm hoping to add a whole great mess of stuff today, 1 is a Facebook Fan page, a new e-mail address, and maybe a section for links. So if you'd like me to add a link to your website wait for the new e-mail section to go up and submit it. I'm also going to add links to places I visit regularly for freebies and more.

Yesterday, we took JP to the doctor he was so great, took all his shots like a champ! 1 in each leg, and a TB test in his arm. He cried but only for a minute or two. Then he passed out in the 5 minute car ride home. Doctor is concerned about him not talking yet, and told me no T.V! Is she nuts? I'm not overly concerned about it. He's so not slow, just doesn't feel like talking yet. He knows what and where everything is, he understands complicated instruction, like go get mommy this and throw it in the garbage. He's intelligent, just not ready to talk.

For my faithful Swaggers, the only offers I've done so far today are:

Gambit>Video> All video's totaled 16 SB's for me

Gambit>Video> Kraft cream cheese video's 2 SB's each,
Theres also a Disney video for Epic Mickey for the Wii. There's also an explore video for 3
Remember when watching video's on Gambit just click next video, till there are none left.

gWallet>free> Play WinCash24-7 and make real money! for 11 SB's.

gWallet>gWallet>Windows phone video for 3 SB's. I was able to collect 6 times on it today, but it took 15-20 minutes to show up in my ledger. 

gWallet> super pages for 3 SB's. I just clicked on it, that's about it.  

gWallet>free> Remedy Life, subscribe for 21 SB's instant credit 

The following offers are on the TapJoy wall, the last time they had these offers it took 24 hours to credit, so I just did my click through's and on tomorrow's blog I'll post whether or not I was credited (I'm sure I will be) TapyJoy each for 5 they are click through links, so you click the offer, a new page opens they want you to click 1 or more of the links on the next page, I usually do 2-3. 
1. Are you a man with intimacy Problems? 2. Improve Your Health! 3. Suffering from Sleepless Nights? remember each one is worth 5 SB's.

SuperRewards>free> Get The headlines everywhere with kikin! for 7 SB's not bad considering this used to be only 2 SB's. I wouldn't download it for the 2. It's basically a Firefox add-on. Easy install, easy un-install. took me 5 minutes to install it, and 1 minute to un-install it. *download at your own risk*

Also don't forget Payment Wall and TapJoy's survey of the day. TapJoy's is the better payout at either 68 or 76 (when they make up their mind) if you qualify. Remember if you don't qualify right now, check back through out the day, something may change.

Super Rewards> free> Get Your own newspaper (genio) for 16 SB's. Took quite a bit of time to install, easy enough to uninstall. *download at your own risk*

Payment Wall>free>Get the free weather alerts and information with toolbar. for 12 SB's. It's from and it's not a bad install, you don't have to worry about anything effecting your computer really, since you go directly to their website and do the download. Easy add, easy uninstall. *download at your own risk*

I'll be back with more shortly. Tune in this afternoon. Hopefully I'll have all the updates listed by then.

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