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Friday, November 12, 2010

11/12/2010 - Good Afternoon!

Okay so my shopping trip was a complete disaster! First I headed to Babies R Us to return a JJ Cole Arctic Bundle me Toddler. It cost me $99.00, and after getting it, and ordering his snow suit I decided that I don't really need both. So I pack it up and bring to the Babies R Us and they wouldn't take it! Why? Because, it's an item discontinued from their store, I will have to call and find a store that has it in stock to return it to, or mail it back. So, I figure while I'm out hubby and baby - less, I'll call, after 15 minutes and 2 transfers, I hung up. SERIOUSLY! Just so freaking annoyed by the whole thing. I've been on unemployment since March of '09 working when I can, and doing what I can, so I'm broke and that $99 was a nut to crush, but I did it since I had some extra money last month, well anyway I figured I'd just return it to the store and do some Christmas shopping at the Toys R Us, so that just ruined 1/2 my day.

Okay, so now that I'm all Pissed off, I decide Kohl's is out of the question because I really do need to get some grocery's and extras can come after. So off to Walmart I go.

I get to Walmart and it's crowded (what else is new). I start in the grocery section before I end up getting lost and buying something I don't need. I picked up some decently priced items, but at checkout was disappointed in myself because I could have bought most of them at Shoprite, and either finished the final amount I needed for my free turkey, or added to it.

I really did do horrible, I printed out about 4 coupons to take with me, I really need to do better with the whole coupon-ing.  I used 1 coupon, I had a $1.00 off of Welch's Light grape juice, so I'm thinking, okay I'll get it here it seems pretty cheap, sign on the shelf said 2.50 with my coupon it would be a buck fifty and that's pretty good (I think). Well when I get home and look at my receipt it was $3.00! No savings there (I don't think).

My favorite buys were 3 gifts I bought 2 for Christmas, and one for my baby sister's 17th birthday,  I really didn't do well on the birthday gift dollar wise but it's a really cute boxer, leg warmer and t-shirt set to go with it I got her a pair of flannel jamma bottoms and 2 pairs of socks. I loved the 2 Christmas presents I bought, they are flannel pajama sets, with the pretty Christmas bow wrapped around them for $12 each. You really can't go wrong there, I'll probably pick up some cute socks maybe even toe socks to match the jammies.

Besides that some of the "you can't go wrong" buys I got were, the Great Value brand steamables veggies at a buck a bag, the "Dixie" style paper plates for $2.12 (45count), Pepperidge Farm whole grain Gold fish $1.98 each, Banquet frozen dinners for $0.88, bag of 41-60 large shrimp for $5, Snapple 64 oz. for $1.98, Gerber cheese doodles for $1.98, and Gerber Yogurt melts for 2.48.

I'm really upset I couldn't locate a coupon for Huggies wipes, I got a pack of 360 for $8.67, which is pretty good but it would have been so much better with a coupon, all the one's I could find expired 2 weeks ago!

So I spent over a $100 today, and only used 1 coupon. So sad :(

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More coming (I hope)


  1. Babies R us is the absolute worst! I would tell you my story, but it's a long one. Their customer service has to be the worst I've ever seen though.

  2. Toys"R"Us and Babies"R"Us Return Policy

    Hassle-Free Returns


    Not what you were expecting? Returns are easy at and You can return your purchase to any Toys"R"Us or Babies"R"Us store or by mail. Plus, you have 90* days to decide!

  3. Thank you!! but it's not completely hassle free there's some fine print somewhere.


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