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Friday, November 12, 2010


Good Morning Everyone! Today is a great day I got to sleep to 8:30 am, thanks to my dear sweet husband. He took the day off, and let me sleep in; and not only did I get to sleep in he also just served me breakfast! Yummy pancakes, eggs and potato cakes.

I don't have much for you this morning. Hopefully this evening I will have a lot of stuff to add. Today I'm heading out to the stores. I need to visit Walmart, Babies R Us, and maybe Kohls. So today I'll show off any and all deals I may have caught, along with which coupons I used and where I got them, and of course the adventure it took me on. Then later this evening I'll add some more Swag stuff for all my Swag Bucks followers. I also added a few more free $5 gift cards to my Amazon account yesterday, it's so easy to spend but I MUST save it for the Black Friday - Cyber Monday sales event. I also have more then I need for the $25 card but, I'm really trying to make that $50 card.

Okay everyone enjoy your morning, and I'll be back in a bit!

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