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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

11/17/2010 Good Morning

 So hope everyone is enjoying their morning so far. I certainly am. I got to sleep till almost 8:30 today which is fantastic. Some good news, I'm going to see Ozzy in December so that should be a really good time. Nothing like a concert for a great time. Now lets get down to business.

**Notice the new coupons section** earn 10SB's per coupon redeemed.

Today's Swag Bucks special offers that work are:

First, go to yesterday's blog post with those special offers that work and do the 3 TapJoy offers for 5 each, they all credited this morning. Can't find it? Click here and look for the Tap Joy offer.

Payment Wall>Videos> Pillsbury, Axe, and Degree Men, was able to watch multiple times for credit of 2 each for a total of 28 SB's. -Added Epic Mickey I was able to watch it 5 times for a total of 10SB's

Payment Wall>Survey of the day for 26 SB's if you qualify, don't forget to keep going back and trying till you get one.

Tapy Joy>Survey of the day for 76 but I think it mostly pays 68 regardless of what it says. If you don't qualify keep going back, that could change.

Gambit>free>Congratulations! You Won! You Won! for 5 SB's. Just filled out the first page, nothing else. Credited within 5 minutes.

Trial Pay> Video for Philly 1SB watched twice.

Trial Pay, philly video's reset and they are now worth 2 SB's each!

gWallet>slider> Upromise for 81 SB's. Added my debit card, because it wasn't accepting my store card. I'm actually excited to start using it, considering I have a 16 month old, it should really come in handy. I hope anyway.

I hope to be back with some more offers in a bit.

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