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Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18/2010 Good Afternoon

JP and I had a great day today, with my Bestie and my Nephew. The boys got to play for a bit, then we took a walk for lunch. JP had a minor breakdown at the restaurant while we were waiting to eat. I took him for a walk, 2 minutes later he was out like a light. We came back he woke up and they got to play a little while longer, not to much though as it was getting past nap times.

Well anyway, I am now able to do a few more SB-SO's (swag bucks special offers) that work for me.

Trial Pay>Videos> Philly is back and at 2 SB's each. I suggest checking through out the day, I went back after about an hour and was able to do them again. So I'm at 22 SB's total for Trial Pay videos (all for Philly) Just for today.

Gambit> Videos: Pillsbury video is back for 2 SB's.

Tapy Joy> Interested in Marketing? It's a click through for 5 SB's. If it's like the other's I'm sure it will credit overnight. I'll be sure to let you all know tomorrow.

gWallet> free/all there's a video for Jackie Evancho O Holy Night for 4 SB's. (one viewing only)

gWallet>Video Get the future of Gaming just $99.  Pays 4 SB's watched twice. Be sure and click the banner!

Super Rewards>Send a virtual BENGAL TIGER from the Gift App on Facebook for 25 SB's. I started this one day and didn't get to complete it right away so I had to send a ticket in to Super Rewards, they responded asking for the confirmation email, I politely responded that there is no email because it's a facebook app, they then asked for screen shot, so I went to the app, opened sent gifts took a screen shot, then I went to my Facebook homepage and took another screen shot of the posting of the gift. I uploaded it where they asked, and I was credited within about 6 hours. I wouldn't recommend doing something if you have to send a ticket in, it kind of defeats the purpose of my blog, but I'm thinking it may not have credited right away because it took me a 2nd day to complete it, however with all the video's on the walls right now you can complete it same day, most of the wall are on that app's way's to earn. Good Luck and don't shoot me if you have to send in a ticket. :)

Swag Bucks home page Ad-Slider at the top middle of the page Telestrations for 7 SB's.

I'll add more to the list here for the rest of today. Don't forget to check out this mornings post for more.

There is/was also a code today located in your swag bucks inbox and it is/was good till 5pm EST.

Have a great day everyone!

This blog should have netted you 48 SB's today. (something new I'm trying)

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