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Thursday, November 18, 2010

11/18/2010 Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone!

I haven't gotten around to do to much today. I know my faithful swaggers are waiting for my SO's that worked for me today. I'm in the middle of sifting through them right now, but I may not get them in this morning. I have a busy day today, my BFF and her son are coming for a visit today, I haven't seen my nephew in a few weeks and I'm sure he's grown tremendously. JP is looking forward to it, he likes when he gets to play with other kids, mommy and daddy are only so much fun.

So this morning before even getting to the blog I wanted to get one more section set up and I finished it, although I'm sure I'll be adding to it. In case you haven't noticed I've set up a Swag Bucks for Newbies section, so you can send all your new referrals on over to get a great overview. Also, if I've missed something or you would like me to include something please email me at

I hope everyone is liking all the additions and changes I've made recently, remember your feedback is always welcomed. Please don't forget to "like" my facebook page, and visit every once in a while, you can leave feedback on the page as well. I try to update the blog and then let everyone know on the FB page that it's been updated.

SO's that worked for me today:

Payment Wall> Survey of the day (remember to check back through out the day if you didn't qualify the first time)

Payment Wall>Earn TV points by playing trivia games at RewardTV 38 SB's, paid out within an hour.

TapJoy>Survey of the day (remember to check back through out the day if you didn't qualify the first time)

Homepage>yellow slider (gWallet)> Watch the Steamroller Baby video! for 3 SB's 1 viewing.

TrialPay>Video> 3 video's on Philly cream cheese for 2SB's each.

P.S. next week I'm tackling ZoomBucks and iRazoo too!

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