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Friday, November 19, 2010

11/19/2010 TGIF!!!

Good Morning Everyone! Thank God It's Friday!

Not much going on here, I do plan on hitting up the Swag Bucks Coupon Section today for my weekend shopping. Plus a few of the other's. I really need to start being more productive with sales and coupon-ing.
So, you smart shoppers out there if you have a few good tips please e-mail them to me at I'd love to read them and share any advice and information you may have for the rest of us.

Haven't gotten around to much today since I qualified and completed a Swag Bucks trusted survey that took a whole lot longer then the 30 minutes it said it would, on the bright side it was worth 125 SB's.

I also wanted to say that the Tap Joy click through offer did credit overnight, so you can go ahead and click through for your 5 SB's.

My Special Offers that work for me today are:

Offerwall - Payment Wall>Survey of the day (remember to screen shot) worth 26 SB's if you complete it.

Tap Joy> Survey of the day (remember to screen shot) worth 68 or 72 SB's if you complete it.

Gambit>Video's (I'll give final tally when I am through) 9 x 2 = 18 SB's (just did it 4 more times.)

Gambit>free> Get a FREE Gift card up to $1000 especially for Moms! For 12 SB's must turn off pop up blocker, stay on the original page, you have to do a lot of skipping, and them some more, eventually you get to a page that offers a free debit card.

gWallet> free/all there's a video for Jackie Evancho O Holy Night for 4 SB's.

gWallet>Video Get the future of Gaming just $99. for 4 SB's you must click the banner! x2 = 8 SB's

Trial Pay> Video's Windows 7 for 2 SB's x 2 viewings = 4 SB's total

Super Rewards>Send a virtual BENGAL TIGER from the Gift App on Facebook for 25 SB's. I started this one day and didn't get to complete it right away so I had to send a ticket in to Super Rewards, they responded asking for the confirmation email, I politely responded that there is no email because it's a facebook app, they then asked for screen shot, so I went to the app, opened sent gifts took a screen shot, then I went to my Facebook homepage and took another screen shot of the posting of the gift. I uploaded it where they asked, and I was credited within about 6 hours. I wouldn't recommend doing something if you have to send a ticket in, it kind of defeats the purpose of my blog, but I'm thinking it may not have credited right away because it took me a 2nd day to complete it, however with all the video's on the walls right now you can complete it same day, most of the wall are on that app's way's to earn. Good Luck and don't shoot me if you have to send in a ticket. :) 

You should earn 67 SB's or more if you qualified for and completed a survey.

Video note: you may have more or less video's or even different video's on another wall then I do.

updated: (7:56pm EST)

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