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Sunday, November 21, 2010

11/21/2010 - Sunday = Family and FOOTBALL!!

Looking forward to spending the day with my boys, JP and Hubby!
I have long day before the Giants game starts, 8:30pm =\
I'm sure it'll be great day all the same.

So lets get down to business right off the bat.

Tomorrow, I'll be adding the ZoomBucks and iRazoo sections, and going to attempt to start special offers that work for those as well. Since Swag is my main squeeze I'll keep them in the main or "home" section of the blog. If I find that the other 2 sites are going well for me I may add a section solely dedicated to swag instead of just a "home" section. (we'll see).

Today's Special offers that work for me are:

Payment wall/Offerwall> Video's for 2 SB's each. I've watched them multiple time's so just keep going until it tells you there are no more video's for you to watch. My final tally was 8 video's at 2 SB's each for a total of 16 SB's.

Gambit> RSVP to the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals on the Tennis Channel! for 45 SB's
The offer went through Facebook and credited instantly once I RSVP'd.

gWallet> free/all there's a video for Jackie Evancho O Holy Night for 4 SB's. (one viewing only)

gWallet>Video Get the future of Gaming just $99.  Pays 6 SB's Be sure and click the banner!

I have something in with TapJoy I'll let you know if it pans out :) They did!

TapJoy>Free >Play HoboWars and Earn Swag Bucks! for 13 SB's.

TapyJoy>Free> FriendMatcher: Show your friends what you REALLY think of them. for 13 SB's.

The last two in the list took a while to credit, I don't have an exact time because I didn't time it I know after 6 hours they were credited.

Don't forget to check your survey's of the day, on both payment wall and TapJoy qualify for both and you could net 100 or more SB's!

Hope everyone enjoys their Sunday, I know I will.

Today's blog post should have netted you a minimum 96 SB's (updated 11/21/2010 7:00pm EST)

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