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Monday, November 22, 2010

11/22/2010 Morning

Morning everyone. You notice I didn't use my daily "Good" preceding the Morning, that's because the Giants lost last night, and it saddens me terribly. So I'm just going to forget that game even existed, and move on to the rest of the day.

Since it's a pretty good deal I thought I'd post it here instead of the coupons section, it's for Rite-Aid, and here's the link to living rich with coupons

I have quite a few offers that paid out for me last night and this morning, nothing huge, but enough to make a decent dent. I know some of you dislike the downloads and facebook apps, so let me just warn you now that's what I got paid on. I use McAfee and it does scan the files during the download, so I usually get a pop-up message if anything in it is bad. I had no such pop-up messages with any of the downloads I completed.

Tap Joy> Download Sweet New Screensavers Here and Earn Swag Bucks! for 27 SB's

Tap Joy> Add Free Layouts to Your FB Profile! for 34 SB's

Tap Joy> Share your moods with Facemoods for 34 SB's

Gambit> Video >Watch this Keck Observatory video and share with your friends to earn Swag Bucks! for 3SB's  The video paid before it finished, when I checked on it, it was 6 minutes in.
gWallet> Video—Get the Future of Gaming. Just $99! must click the banner for 6SB's 

Tap Joy> Survey of the day for 76

Payment Wall> Survey of the day for 26.

Providing you qualified for both surveys today's blog will have netted you 206 SB's.

Happy Swaggin Swaggernauts.

Later today I'm starting both the ZoomBucks, and the iRazoo sections. (we'll see how far I get)
So if you haven't joined already, use the links and let's get started together. I have completed 0 offers on either site so we really will be starting together.


  1. I was able to get the 3 tapjoy download so to credit instantly. SWEET!! I think I've tapped out the videos on my special offers wall. LOL
    I kept re-watching them yesterday. I only had 1 today. I love your blog. Keep up the great work!
    Check mine out when you get a chance.


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