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Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/2010 Cyber Monday (continued)

Well hopefully your all getting what you need for your holiday shopping today, that you missed on Black Friday. This year I actually have a little bit of cash flow, not a ton but a little, plus all the swag money has helped.

Well in case your cash flow is low and you'd like a few more things, or even 1 more, check out use code THANKYOU10OFF, if for some reason it doesn't work just sign up using the link, Unless your a savvy swagger, who already signed up using a special offer and got your 14 swag bucks from an older blog post seen here: than you would have gotten the email with the coupon code in it. I used it today, to purchase two items, I originally was just going to buy one item, for $5.00 and pay a total of $.99 for the shipping and handling, but I added a second Item and paid $12.94, which I have to say I was pretty happy about. It's like paying $6.50 each.

Also, I went to and got the Disney Ariel bathtub castle thingamajiggy for $7.20 using code TXTA at check out. And I hit up the Levi's 4 hour sale :)

Well just want to make sure everyone's having a great day!

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