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Monday, November 29, 2010

11/29/2010 Cyber Monday

Good Morning everyone!

First I want to say that I had an awesomely long weekend with my family. I love when my husband gets to spend quality time with us, but I'm secretly happy he's back at work. Unfortunately, I didn't get any spectacular deals this year, and I'm very unhappy about it. I really should have got up and went out Thursday night with the rest of the masses. I just really didn't have it in me. I did get up and do some online shopping, I wouldn't say I did bad, I just didn't do as great as I was hoping. I still need to keep in mind that a lot of my Christmas shopping was done for free, thanks to search and earn sites, well just really, since I haven't cashed on any of the others.

Yesterday I went and did some food shopping, I just about used the entire list for sale and coupon items (printing out those I didn't have) I thought I did quite well. averaging 3$ per item for 55 items, this includes my meat order, which with things like ground beef I buy the big family pack and portion out usually into 3 or 4 Ziplock freezer bags, because we're only 2 1/2 people. So when the big stuff is on sale that's what I buy and cut down. I still have 2 or 3 pork tenderloins to roast or slice into chops that I bought last month for $1.99 a pound for that huge giant piece, I cut that into 3-4 smaller pieces. (tip for smaller households)

So with another new addition coming to SwagBucks in December, I'm left pondering the question will it be harder to earn Swagbucks or just as easy. As it stands you without doing any offers or working entirely that hard at it you can earn about 50 SB's per day, just for the daily 4, 3 search wins, and 3SBTV wins, that's not including qualifying for a survey, or doing any SO's. That right there is a little over 3 Amazon Gift Cards per month for not doing much of anything, but if your a hardcore swagger, you know you probably earn anywhere from 60 on a slow day to a heck of a lot more (couldn't think of a good number) on a good day. November netted me $50+ in Amazon Gift Cards, even though I haven't cashed all my 5's in yet, I did get a $25 and Have enough for another plus my remaining $5 cards, if we're lucky enough to have a sale today.

Okay Swaggers here's what I have so far today. I also have open tickets on just about every wall, so proceed with caution, and don't forget your screen shots! Please keep in mind SB prices may have changed due to the special sale that ends/ended today.

TapyJoy>free> Download The Yahoo Toolbar and get Swag Bucks for 29SB's instant credit

TapJoy>Free> Download Get The Weather Channel Desktop App! for 14SB's 

TapJoy>Free> We’ll Help You Find a Job Near Your Home! for 44 SB's.

I completed a few offers in TapJoy that aren't even showing in my missing swag bucks page, I have an email in to them for 6 days with no response, as well as an email to SB support. 

gWallet>Free>Video's window's phone for 3SB's and Get the Future of Gaming. Just $99 for 5SB's, I had these 2 video's just about everyday, since Wednesday, Today I got to watch them both twice.

Gambit>Video's for Footlocker and Adidas paying 2SB's each was able to watch both multiple times. 

Gambit> Free>Get rewarded now by sharing your opinions! for 23 SB's.

Gambit I have a few tickets in totaling 116 SB's 

Payment Wall/Offer Wall> Free/New> Install SweetIM and send smileys through MSN, AIM and Yahoo Messengers. for 29 Swag Bucks, I had to submit a ticket to get credited, but it was really no hastle, remember when you go in and submit the ticket, it immediately responds with an automated notice, u have to go back in and use the attach feature, and leave another message stating you left a screen shot of the completed offer, alternatively if it was an email confirmation be sure to go to your email click forward or reply then copy the entire email, head back to the missing swag bucks section and paste it there. Essentially this offer wall automates the first response immediately so you have to go back right after and make a new comment.

Super Rewards>Free> Get the free Games Toolbar now and receive Swag Bucks for 16SB's. I had to submit a screen shot of the offer installed on my computer, and I think it was a Firefox add-on so I had to click tools> add-ons, and then take the screen shot. 

P.S. If you forgot or you just don't know how to take a screen shot, visit the newbies section for instructions, there's also some other helpful hints if you need them there.

Happy Swagging!

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