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Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Good Morning People,

A few updates, recently Inbox Dollars added video's for us to earn from depending on your choices you could end up with a lot of video's, today I have 37 video's to watch starting at $0.02 a video, the only negative I see is that I can't run them continually, and you actually have to watch the video and be diligent because they ask for a 2 digit number that runs 1 at a time in different parts of the video. Still not all that hard, and I'm actually glad they added video's another way to earn and gets me back in the saddle earning cold hard cash. Haven't signed up yet? Just click here

Swaggers, did you take advantage of the paypal giftcard sale? I didn't but I didn't hold on to all of my bucks waiting for those AGC's to go on sale either, so that was a plus. However right now I'm on the fence, I will have enough to get another $25 AGC today, just not sure if I should do it or not, I'm kind of regretting not waiting until I had the 5900 to buy the $50 card instead. (woe is me right) Anyway. I thought I'd share some offers that worked for me. This month I purchased 5- $5.00 Amazon Gift Cards, and a $25.00 Amazon Gift Card. I guess I'm going to go ahead and buy another $25 card so I'll have a little more to shop with in time for Christmas. Then I'll just work on the rest of the month and start saving for next year, or last minute birthday gifts, etc.

Swag Bucks offers that work for me. Please note, any downloads are your own responsibility, I only list what works for me.

Gambit> free> Amazing VLC player lets you play EVERYTHING under the sun! 41 SB's (may be less now)

Gambit>Video's> I had 3 for powermat, and 1 for love and family, so 9SB's total.

I only get about 1 in 4-5 offers to work at Gambit, I have a slew of tickets in, that I have to update to get any answer on, I have one in there for over 2 weeks now, and it took 2 days to "update" me and tell me they still haven't gotten confirmation from the advertiser, time to contact the swag team. So annoying...

gWallet>Free> Enter to win great prizes from Parker Pen! 30 SB's (may be less now) I had to submit a ticket in order to paid.

gWallet>free> there's 2 video's the gaming one for 5 and the Windows phone 7 for 3 I was able to watch the Windows phone 7 twice, so total 11SB's

gWallet>free> Bing - Compare, Share, Decide instantly credited 10 SB's!
**update was able to do this twice** once on the wall (original) and then I had to close down everything and deleted my browsing history, and seen the offer sitting on the slider, so I did it again and it was another instant credit. So I got it to work 2 more times, however it wouldn't go through in firefox, I had to go through IE (internet explorer) for it work 2 more times. so that's 4 in all.

gWallet Slider> Join Kaboddle and enter to win $1,000! for 25 SB's. Instantly credited, make sure you follow the instructions, after you sign up you have to go to the target ad, and add an item to your kaboodle cart, it should ask for your zip code.

gWallet Slider> Get more from your rewards at! 19 SB's credited in about an hour.

Payment Wall/ Offer wall> free> Need more information on bipolar disorder? Explore your option. 20SB's, take a screen shot of the page after you enter all the information and save it, I never got an email and it never credited for me, I had to submit a ticket, but they paid promptly.

SuperRewards I have some tickets in here, but what I really wanted to get to, is that it appears that they've also added survey's. I can see at least one however I haven't attempted it yet. I will let you know when and if I complete one, it's worth 24 SB's

SuperRewards>free> Pursue your education online 90 SB's credited within 30 minutes (I used my free google voice phone number)

I actually did a paid offer today, via Payment Wall/ Offer Wall>ALL> This is not free but I did order one for my son and my nephew it cost me $30, but, I thought it was super cute! Personalize and send a letter from Santa directly to your home. 202 SB's. 

Today's blog post will have netted you 285 SB's. Happy Swaggin! -updated at 3:16pm EST.


  1. Where are the videos on Inbox Dollars? From your description, they sound like the videos on Beezag. TIA

  2. yeah they look like it too! on the left hand side of the main page, cash coupons, cash tasks, then cash video's


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