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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Good Morning 11/13/2010

Good Morning everyone!

Don't have much in the way of posts today have a few errands to run later.

General consensus in my household is it will be a lazy Saturday possibly baby free, we'll see.

So I started my morning Swag Bucks routine and here are my special offers that work,
Go To: Earn>Special Offers>and then

TapJoy>Free> Install Yahoo Toolbar for 27 SwagBucks. What I did, was download it, then I clicked to install it but there was some error and said it didn't install, low and behold I still got credit. Thanks Tap Joy!

TapJoy>Free> Play Ravenwood Fair and Build Your Woodland Fantasy! for 13 It's a Facebook app. I installed and played through the first 2 quests, by the time I was done it had already credited.

gWallet-Windows phone video for 3. I was able to watch it 4 times, make sure you click the little yellow strip across the top of the video during/after the video in order to get credit. I press play, then click the banner then close the window then press play, the video is only 16 seconds so it goes super fast. After it's finished I either click all or free, I alternate between them until I've maxed out the video.
If you haven't already started sign up today just click here. Also check out one of my older blog posts about all the free stuff you can get by using search and earn sites, just follow the information in the blog. All that stuff on the left of the blog labeled favorites is stuff I bought for free with my Gift Cards from search and win sites! That post is located in the work from home information at the bottom of the blog post is all the search and win sites I use, and have been paid from. Good Luck!! (If I can do it so can you!)

(More to come hopefully)

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