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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/2010 Good Morning!

Good morning everyone. I hope your holiday was as great as mine was. Watching my son open presents, and playing with the other kids was more then I could have ever hoped for. Last year, he was so small, and I was recovering from surgery, so although it was a nice Christmas, I just never felt like it was Christmas. This year was totally amazing. Next year I'm sure will be even more fun, since he will be less interested in the paper and more interested in the presents. My uncle is the sweetest thing he dresses up as Santa and comes to our house, last year my son was happy as anything sitting on his lap and gnawing on his bell, this year, he just about had a massive coronary. He didn't like Santa at all. It was really funny to watch, although not as funny when his nails were digging into my arms as he clung to me for dear life. We all got a great laugh out of it though.

So lets get on to what your really here for, and I know it's Special Offers that worked for me. I just want to say that I love posting my blog and sharing everything that works for me but I was a little disappointed in myself as I'm sure you were, for not getting a post up for a few days. I did try to get to the facebook page and post a few things but I honestly didn't make the effort and I wanted to apologize for that and hope you continue to visit me daily.

ZoomBucks, Gambit>Video's> 2 ZB's each, they have all the same video's that are/were showing on SwagBucks, so if your new to ZoomBucks, you can head over there and sign up then click to go to your dashboard, click gambit, then video's and start viewing. After each video click the link that says "next video" The offer walls appear to all be the same, however there set up a bit differently. If I had to compare it to swagbucks I'd say it wasn't as visually stunning as the SwagBucks site.

SwagBucks offers:

Gambit>Video's> Captain Morgan for 1SB. I also had 1 in the Gambit inbox message in the SwagBucks Messaging center, located here. So Captain Morgan for a total of 2SB's.

gWallet>free>Windows phone Video for 3SB's, and FijiMe TV for 3SB's.

PaymentWall/Offerwall>free> Watch the complete video without skipping or fast forwarding, and be rewarded. for 2SB's each. I had a bunch of video's yesterday and then I had Captain Morgan today for 12SB's so 6 viewings. Each time the video is over, close the small X then press to watch again, keep going till it say's there are no more videos to watch. Yesterday I was able to watch 10+ video's at 2SB's each. Today I only had the 6.

PaymentWall>free>VESIcare can make a different. for 10SB's. Click through one of the banners, then Signed up, chose to have the trial mailed to me, credited within 15 minutes. If the offer isn't listed under free just click new or all, and you will find it.

PaymentWall/Offerwall>Be prepared when the flu comes into town. for 6SB's. I clicked through and signed up then went to print the coupon, once it was in my print cache, I deleted it. 

SwagBucks Task for a total of 12SB's, go to the main swagbucks page, the big box with the scrolling advertisement in the center just above the Froobi deal, you'll see Axe play and earn x3 just click the box, and play the game 3 times, earn 4 SB's for each game :) I closed the window out each time the little gray box at the top said Thank You, it counts down the playing time. In this location you can find some of the previous tasks if you haven't completed them yet like the GE task, and Smart Car task. After you complete them go back to he main page hit refresh and see if the task appears. 


I hope to have more to add later today, if not I'll see you all in the morning with another Edition. Also if anyone has a game invite for Swagbucks left, my username is SmokeysSmokette and I'd love to preview it before it goes live, so I can discuss in the blog and help everyone prepare. Thanks in Advance.

Don't forget about the $5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway coming in January. Remainder of the details will be released the first week of January, 2011. Also coming in January is a Zoombucks, iRazoo and inbox dollars, special offers section. Which will not be as in depth as SwagBucks but will contain any information I have on how I won Bucks. Remember Inbox Dollars is a Cash site, but ZoomBucksand iRazoo are similar to SwagBucks. If you haven't already Signed up you can just click the name of the site, and it will bring you right to the sign up page. 

Search & Win

Today's blog post will have netted you 36+SB's not very impressive.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/21/2010 Happy Holidays Everyone

Christmas is fast approaching now. Hope you all have finished your shopping, decorating and wrapping. I am pretty much done. Actually, I'm lying, the only thing I finished is the shopping! I'm only about 1/4 of the way through the wrapping, and I still need to make the final touches on the decorating, especially since my demon tore apart 1/2 of my make shift chimney!

We have lived in this apartment for 8 years, but we never intended on staying here long term. I think that shipped sailed. Well anyway I bring this up because we have 2 random nails in the wall in the living room that we hang stuff on that is the only place we have ever hung anything and they really are random, our apartment looks sort of like a frat house with the bare walls, except for the fact that they are painted.

I bring this up, because since having my son, I have been getting his pictures taking, and spending good money, so we had the 10 x 13 from his birthday pictures hanging on 1 of those random nails. This weekend however I bought those tape hook thingys to hang photographs on. I have to say just having a  few photo's on the wall really makes it look like more of a home. My husband even got in on the action and created a photo collage it's really beautiful. Don't get me wrong it could use a little flair, it's just a whole bunch of pictures crowded on to this cardboard backing but it's nice. I added a nice white ribbon to it so we could hang it, and he put some nice Christmas paper on the wall behind it to dress it up.

Well I know what your really here for don't I. Your wondering does she have any decent SwagBucks special offers that worked for her. Yes I do! There's not a great amount but I'm actually sitting and "working" today, so I will update through out the day anything that worked for me. This morning I'm even going to point out offers that didn't credit for me.

Let's start with the fact that I headed on into the discussions tab today to see what's been crediting for other swaggers. I have to say I'm a little dissappointed because I really thought at least one of these offers were going to credit because of so many saying they got credit. It didn't work for me but if you want to try it, TapJoy>free>It's Time to Save on Life Insurance for 204 SB's. That's almost 1/2 an AGC so I really was hoping for the instant credit so many talked about. Try it at your own risk. I can't even contact them about it because my Missing  Swagbucks page on TapJoy is broken, and all I'm getting is the run around from SwagBucks and TapJoy, I have emails from both telling me to contact the other. Well I did and no one is resolving the situation so I'm just SOL. So now every time I do a TapJoy offer, it's a crap shoot.

SwagBucks Special Offers that worked for me:

TapJoy>free>Are you a mom? Join CafeMom and get Swag Bucks! for 34SB's. Just a quick easy sign up to Cafe Mom. I was credited before I finished the profile set up. If you plan on doing this offer and the next make sure you log out before closing the page, and have your other email address handy.

TapJoy>free>Merry Mahjong! Play the fun CafeMom game and get Swag Bucks! for 25SB's.

PaymentWall>free>Find latest MMOs at MMO Tree. for 23SB's. I had to submit a ticket. Maybe you'll have better luck, but make sure you save the activation email you will need to forward it to them according to their instructions.

SwagBucks Bonus Bucks: Front page of swagbucks, there's an offer between the scrolling swagbucks slider and the froobi deal of the day, it readsEARN 8 SB!How Serious Are You About Entertainment? Watch the video to earn.

That's all I have for you right now. Today's blog post will have netted you 59+SB's.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

12/19/2010 Football Sunday

Well it's Football Sunday here in our household, and I'm looking forward to watching the Big Blue Wrecking Crew, it's going to be a tough game for the Crew, hopefully they can pull through. Oooh a rhyme :)

For my swaggers, I have a few offers that completed for me, instantly or almost instantly. Monday I have a ton of tickets to send in for, so until then, here's a few small instants.

gWallet Slider> Start saving now with brand name coupons - Print and save now! for 6SB's.

gWallet>free> 2 videos one for Farmers Insurance, and the other for Swanson, 3SB's each 1 viewing.

SuperRewards>free>Are you flirty, sexy, or funny? facebook question app for 12SB's. I think you have to do 5 questions, not sure exactly, I just did a bunch.

SuperRewards>free>Save 60% on your Auto Warranty and receive a free quote today for 5SB's. It's really an insurance offer, but I just answered questions on first page and did the click through, I did not attempt the insurance quote, It's only 5SB's.

SuperRewards>free?> Become a member of my Picturetown and get 20GB free for 3 months. for 60SB's. I just want to say that I must click on this offer everyday, and it never worked. This morning it did, go figure.

PaymentWall/Offerwall>free>Re-enact the Glory of the Roman Empire with Caesary. for 18SB's. I've completed this offer in SuperRewards, and if you did it with me then you did as well. Use an alternate e-mail and user name for sign up.

Today's blog post will have netted you 101+ SB's.

P.S.  The 5$ AGC give away will be held on Monday, January 24th, 2011, more details by the end of the week.

Friday, December 17, 2010

12/17/2010 A day late

A day late, but at least I'm back up and semi running again. I have gone from Windows 7 Professional 64 bit, to Windows 7 pro 32 bit, and now all the way back to Vista. I really miss my Windows 7 and it hasn't even finished downloading all of the updates, including SP2. This is horrible, but I have to say my laptop is running so much better, and it barely even feels warm to the touch.

So Swaggers I did manage to get some offers completed, but I have some that didn't and they are all over the place, it's so hard when your used to something one way, and it all falls apart. Well I hope everyone has finished their shopping, and tree trimming. I'm pretty sure I have. I have way over spent, so thank heavens for all my searching and earning cause that paid out a good amount, this year, and free'd up some other funds to do a few special things for my son and my husband. Last year I got sick about a week before christmas, when I usually finish up all the shopping. I had only gotten a few items online, and we usually live pay check to pay check like 60+ percent of all American's, but I plan on digging us out of it in the new year. Between, searching and earning, working at home, and a few other things I'm working on. Next year, I plan to have Search and Earn pay for all of my Christmas shopping, and then some. I'm preparing myself to really buckle down and start saving. I want to be the lady at the checkout stand paying $0.49 for 12 items, and the people behind me complaining, about the wait, and then running up to me in the parking lot asking me how I did it.

I'm hoping you all will follow me through the new journey I will be embarking on starting in the next few weeks. Right now I'm just bargain hunting, searching and earning, and casual coupon-ing. I want it all to change. I feel like something is coming next year, and I want to make sure, we're prepared. I think more businesses are going to tank, and another round of pink slips will be sent out to millions of Americans. For the sake of all of us I really hope it doesn't happen, but I am preparing.

Okay, now for that little bit of happiness we all look forward to everyday, and that's our SwagBucks accounts going up, up, up! If you haven't already done these offers they all paid instantly, or within a reasonable amount of time (less then 24 hours).

gWallet>free>Join PermissionResearch and get free games! 22 SB's.

TapJoy>free>Get Great Tips on Diabetic-Friendly Holiday Cooking! for 17SB's.
SuperRewards>free> Refinance your mortgage, get the money you need by refinancing your home today for 30SB's. I don't own a home, I chose quicken loans for the quote, filled out information for a new home buyer. It took a while but I didn't need to submit a ticket.

Today's blog post will have netted you a crappy 69SB's. After a day and half without a blog post I give you 69SB's. Let's just chalk it up to a bad week, and hopefully we'll be back on track next week.

Before I close out my post for the day, I just want to mention, with it getting so close to Christmas, I may not have an everyday post, so if you don't see one please check the facebook page, I may throw a few special offers that work for me on their in between. I also share any deals I find about the net in my daily bargain hunting.

P.S. Christmas is in 1 week :) well eve but it's close enough!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well yesterday was a trippy day, I was hoping to get a small blog post up, and possibly not include any special offers for Swagbucks. Unfortunately, my computer met an untimely demise late Sunday night according to my Husband, who has no clue about computers, he knows how to go to his sites, through bookmarks I created for him, do his thing, and be done with it. He has no interest in anything else or learning anything more, he is one of the few men I know that are NOT electronic savvy. In our household and even family I repair the majority of computers, if I can and set up everyone's stuff. So I've been semi off line for almost 24 hours, working on a clean boot and system restore. I have had nothing but issues with it since I upgraded from the OEM Vista operating system, to Windows 7, first the 64 bit, then the 32 bit, and now I've just had enough and am going all the way back to out of the box.

So yesterday morning, I started my system  back up, and late last night wiped my drive, and I'm working on the re-install now. On the Bright side there's nothing like a fresh boot, to make your computer run like it was brand new again. The downside is all the downloading, and installing. So here I am on my mini, typing up this blog post and letting you all know how crappy my day will be. I have also completed a couple of special offers that worked for me, So I'll add them as I go along.

TapJoy>free>IMVU Holiday Card - Create a Free Holiday Music Card Starring Your Friends! for 68 SB's Instant Credit.
TapJoy>free>Get into the Spirit and Elf Yourself this Holiday Season! for 76 SB's Downloaded, elfed, uninstalled. (this is a repeater for me)

gWallet>free>Video - watch the new video for the Ford F150 V8 Engine!  for 2SB's. unimpressed with the single viewing but thanks gWallet.

Trialpay>video's>Swanson great stuffing debate x2, Watch this video of a flash mob. The Swanson video I got to watch twice that's from Sunday, and this morning I did the Flash mob, only 1 viewing. total =6SB's

Gambit>Video's> I'll be back to post what they are, I can already tell you I'm not to happy about them, the first one I see is worth only 1 point and it's over a minute long. Not cool Gambit!

I'll be back in a little while hopefully with any of the other offers I may have completed sunday, and today.
Enjoy your day everyone!

Today's My Daily Swag blog post will have netted you 150SB's+

Monday, December 13, 2010

12/13/2010 Monday

Good Morning, hope everyone has a fantastic Monday.

This weekend was pretty good, I managed to get a few decent things free or nearly free. After my shopping trip to A & P, I looked and had a Catalina coupon for a free 8x8 hard cover photo book from that I took complete advantage of, it was for 20 pages, and I ended up with 22 even after trimming it down, after tax and shipping I paid $10.xx. I hope it looks as nice as I'm hoping for.

Sears has a printable coupon out for $10 off of a $20 apparel purchase good 12/15 and 12/ 16, you can view the coupon and all the details by clicking here.

There's a coupon code for for free 50 photo cards, but you have to add 60 to your order for the deal, essentially paying $5.xx for 60 photo cards. Since I already purchased my Christmas cards, I went with a generic background and removed the text, so I can use it for a thank you or a note card in the future. Use code 50cards at checkout. Please look at the shipping options I was also able to get free overnight shipping.

If I come accross any other great deals today, I will post them on the facebook page, so if you haven't "liked" the facebook page yet, click here and like us

For my Swaggers, I really didn't have to many special offers that worked this weekend or at all. But here's what I did get.

I was able to complete the Duncan Hines video's on Gambit, by starting in IE instead of FF then clicking gambit>video's, then watched it twice. I think FF is just having trouble loading it. At first I thought It wasn't going to load, because it has that same yellow background with a small video window in the upper left corner of the box, and it loaded and played.

If you haven't already checked your inbox, I suggest going there and reading the email titled Watch and Earn Swag Bucks In that email is a link to watch video's from Gambit. I unhappily watched these video's. The reason I was so un-happy is they are now worth 1SB instead of 2!

Gambit>All>Watch this Axe video and play the short flash game to earn Swag Bucks! for 2SB's. Just wait for the time to count down or play the game. Instant credit.

A note on Gambit supposedly there's a Justin Beiber video for 9SB's but I don't have it, So check your wall.

TrialPay>Videos> Watch a video from Buffalo Wild Wings for 2SB's.

SuperRewards>Free quick quotes on auto insurance for 428SB's. Was fast and easy, but It would not take my google voice number, I may have to change it from my vanity number to a local number.

SuperRewards> Play Fragoria Online! for 13SB's, Joined, Created, and played for like 5 minutes or so. Credited within 20 minutes.

If anything else I did this morning Credits, I'll be back with some more, and will post on the facebook page about the update. 

Have a great day everyone!

Today's blog post will have netted you: 440+ SB's. (don't feel like adding today)

Friday, December 10, 2010

12/10/2010 Happy Mega Swag Bucks Day

Good morning everyone, so after a disasterous Thursday, it finally ended, with my husband getting 6 stitches in his finger, on his right hand no less. Yesterday really was a Murphy's Law kind of day, good thin I didn't leave the house.

Okay so let's start with the only good thing that went on yesterday and that was more Special Offers that worked for me. First, I'm going to start with a very fast paying offer that was pointed out to me last night from a My Daily Swag follower. It did make it in to yesterday's blog post but it was pretty late, so I thought I'd share it with you again this morning.

TapJoy>Free>Find New Auto Online at up to 50% Off! for 238SB's, super fast and I gave little to No information. Thanks to our very own Kay for pointing this offer out.

SuperRewars>free> Vote Now to Turn an RV into a Mobile Clinic for 5 SB's, Just click vote, then It was just an email and I think name and maybe address sign up, (I forgot already).

gWallet>Swag Home Page Yellow Slider> Get coupons fast and easy with Drop Down Deals! for 22SB's, this one is also a repeater for me. (download)

gWallet> Free Christmas customized cards! for 41 SB's another download, installed screen shots, remove. I ended up having to send screen shots for this offer, so it wasn't an easy pay out.

I'll see what else I can't muster up for us the rest of the day. So be sure to check back later tonight.

Today's blog post will have netted you 306SB's.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/09/2010 Good Afternoon

This is seriously just a fahgeddaboudit horrible day for me. If it's not one thing it's another, but I finally made it, I'm scared to even type, that my demon has finally settled in for the day. He's been up since 7am. It only took 5 hours. And during that five hours, we spilled dry baby cereal on the carpet, which is brown so it's super noticeable, So I go to get the vacuum, we only have a little car sized dirt devil vacuum because we really don't have carpet, so we either use the little one for quick cleanups on hands and knees or borrow my Mother in law's from across the street.

Well I start searching and I mean searching every where for this little vacuum that we honestly haven't used in weeks, because we've been stealing hers and forgetting to return it. Don't it figure that we only just brought it back, well any who, I'm searching for this lil thing, and I go into the no longer walk in closet in our bedroom looking, after I've already finished searching the usual places, this thing is just no where to be found. Time to text my hubby to see where it could be, leave the phone in the kitchen, go back to the bedroom to close everything up so my demon doesn't start on a pull everything out, and cause utter chaos mission. I go back and it's good he's on the bed sitting there playing, great the phone's ringing back to the kitchen I go, it's my hubby, he loaned the vacuum to his friend, okay no problem, back to the bedroom to get Demon boy, this is where it get's fun, to no fault but my own, he's got my snapple bottle on my bed, and there's liquid everywhere.

So, now I have a soggy Demon, comforter, sheets, pillows, and of course the bed and mattress cover, So I'm yelling at this little demon now because of course he's playing in it all, and the phones ringing, and ringing and ringing, of course it's my husband, what could he possibly want at this second when I just talked to him, oh yeah how come I hung up on him, To top that off the little demon has been so whiney today and I just can't seem to please him with anything. So how's your day going? Spectacular!

I was wondering what you all thought of the new Captcha addition to SwagTV. Personally I honestly don't care one way or another except for one tiny little factor, I've read on the swag bucks facebook wall that if you have to many missed captcha's they you can be deactivated. If that's the case then I completely hate the new captcha addition to SwagTV, I liked the autoplay because i have a 16 month old hell raiser, and it's nice to be able to let it run and not worry about switching video's etc. But now if I step away and miss a captcha because of the demon I might be penalized! So I guess no more SBTV for me :( 

So now, even with all my little tiny family drama, I managed to brighten my day in just a few minutes,
with a few fast crediting offers, here you go Swaggers. 

Payment Wall>free> Page Rage download and install for 40 SB's why are you going to love this one? Not only have I completed this offer multiple time's through out all the walls that have offered it, but I think this is the 2nd time Payment Wall has credited me for it. INSTANTLY! By the time I was done un-installing it, I was already credited. Does it make me a bad person that they keep giving me this offer? You know what I just don't care today.

Payment Wall>free>Shot Online - play online golf with 2 million people. for 12SB's, I created an account downloaded application, clicked to install, then it starts it's own seperate download that my McAfee has decided to notify me about, I let it sit for a minute or two while dealing with the demon child, and when I came back I clicked to not let it do whatever it was trying to do. Sometime during that it credited my 12 and I never let it finish, I then went and un-installed the installer.

Gambit>free>Turn Yourself Into A Santa! for 30SB's Instantly credited! I was in the process of sharing it on facebook because I santa'd my demon and then clicked the FB share button, it's a cute application after skipping through the offers section.

TapJoy>Free>Find New Auto Online at up to 50% Off! for 238SB's, super fast and I gave little to No information. Thanks to our very own Kay for pointing this offer out.

TapJoy>free> Enter to Win Free Prizes & More from Despicable Me! for 51SB's credited within 20 minutes. (this offer came back for me) (added @ 6:31pm EST)

Okay that's all I have for now, NAP TIME!!! thank goodness!

Today's blog post will have netted you 103SB's, and hopefully more to come check back later in the day.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/08/2010 Morning!

Morning everyone, I thought I'd give a nice early post to get us Swaggers started in the right direction this morning. Late last night I completed a few offers, so just want to get them up and in to your accounts.

SuperRewards>free> New from Zynga: CityVille just install the facebook app for 8SB's.

SuperRewards>free> Are you over 21? Please take this short survey! for 8SB's and it really was short!

SuperRewards>free>Come Play Caesary!! Caesary, your leadership and management skills will be put to test! for 8SB's. It's a web game, I entered email and made a password on the first page

SuperRewards> free> Auto insurance deals Compare and save on auto insurance! Get free quotes here. for 30SB's just enter the information on the first page, I think it was zip code, and possibly state. I did not enter any personal information.

Gambit>Videos> 2 for Footlocker and 2 for Axe totaling 8SB's

This is only a few things I did last night before I put my son down to sleep. So There should be more to come, I hope.

I really hate fighting for offers but sometimes your left with no choice, either our cookies go haywire, or they don't link it right whatever it is it's annoying! So here are my Credits from yesterday's blog post. I do have to say as long as you have your proof you really shouldn't have any problems getting credited. I get credited 90% of the time. I never send mean sounding or angry emails, and I always thank them.

gWallet>free>Pinpoint for 68 SB's was credited after a screen shot of my programs, to get a screen shot of your list of programs go to Start>Control Panel> Programs> then click Programs and features, the entire list will populate, I click on the date column and have the newly installed programs show first, then I screen shot that and upload to photobucket.

gWallet>free>Get tunes for free with Music Rockstar! for 27SB's Same as above I took a screen shot  and sent it to photobucket, and sent them the link.
gWallet>free> Download Plazma Blaster games fir 27SB's Same, screen shots sent, Note they all credited 24 hours later. 

Today's blog post will have netted you an easy 62SB's. + 122 hard earned SB's for offers you may have to send screen shots for.

Please remember that my experience with offers may differ from yours, the only thing I can say is to always take your screen shots, and save your emails, and you should have no trouble getting credited.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/07/2010 Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone, Not much going on today, yesterday was a very uneventful day, on the brightside I have a few offers that credited almost immediately, along with a few offers that didn't making the special offers wall even worse for us.

Today I also wanted to mention, that due to the positive responses on the Swag Bucks Facebook wall I tried and completed a task from the Gambit special offers wall for 83 SB's it was really, really, easy and wanted to give a big shout out to those who mentioned it yesterday. 

I'm also going to run a $5 Amazon Gift Card giveaway starting January 31st, I haven't worked out the details yet, but I will be giving away at least 1- $5 Amazon Gift card, like I said I'm working on the details of how I want it to run but I'm working on it. So stay tuned for more information. If you haven't already you can like the facebook page and get notified of new blog posts right in your news feed. Just click the like button over there ----> for my facebook page. Please remember if you have any questions you can always email me at (no spam please)

*Note the giveaway may be sooner then the 31st, I'm just promising it by the 31st*

So here ya go swaggers, hope it helps, you may have completed these offers or they may no longer be available,

Offers Awarded:

Super Rewards>free> Join Mastercard Marketplace for 150 SB's, easy sign up and credited within 1/2 an hour.
Super Rewards>free> Avoid the crowds this Holiday... 10 SB's It's the Bing app for comparative shopping, if you've been following my blog, we completed this on both Gambit, and gWallet (4 times) previously.

TapJoy>free> Enter to Win Free Prizes & More from Despicable Me! for 51SB's credited within 20 minutes.

TapJoy>free> Improve Your Credit With Account Now! for 144 SB's. I entered my information on the first page, on the second page I waited a few minutes while I was reading something, then clicked to deposit via paypal, I did NOT make a deposit, after the first page it says congratulations you are signed up, had there not been so many fees associated with this card I may have considered moving some money there, but since it's so high, I won't be using it when it comes. By the time I went back to the Swag Bucks page it had credited.

gWallet>free>Watch the new trailer for Damages on DirecTV for 3SB's (1 viewing)

Gambit>Videos>showed there was video's to watch then said removed by user, so I clicked a different video in the window at the bottom and watched it, afterwards I figured no credit, to my surprise I got the 2 points, however videos were empty again. 

Gambit>Video's> Axe Video for 2 views x 2SB's, foot locker for 2SB's x 2 Views, and I have a Captain Morgan video also for 2SB's but x 4 views. Totaling 16SB's 

Offers Waiting :
gWallet>free>Pinpoint, waiting to see if it self completes other wise a ticket,

Offers with tickets in:
gWallet>free> Download Plazma Blaster games

gWallet>free>Get tunes for free with Music Rockstar!

Offers I don't know what to do with:
Sweet Daily Deals> This offer is on gWallet and Super Rewards, there's no email (so far been 1/2 a day), there's nothing to take a screen shot of, it just puts you in to a survey, yes, no, endless row of pages, and when it does end there's nothing there but another offer!

Today's blog post will have netted you 374 SB's provided you haven't already completed these offers. Be sure to keep clicking next video on Gambit, I've watched Captain Morgan at least 3 times and It's still going.

Happy Swaggin' I'll be back throughout the day with updates so keep checking!

Monday, December 6, 2010

12/06/2010 It's Monday.

I had a really great weekend, kicking it off with the Ozzy concert and celebrating his 62nd Birthday was absolutely amazing. Not only was it a really good show, he sounded awesome. I've been to a number of Ozzy Concerts, and he's never sounded quite that good in the last 14 years. Saturday I had a great dinner at my aunts house with the family. Those dinners are always the best, but for some reason I couldn't shake feeling like it was Sunday, maybe it was the hangover or maybe it was the Sunday dinner on Saturday, who knows. All in all a great day. Sunday was really great, we took the Demon child for his Christmas Pictures at JC Penny, then we went to breakfast with my littlest Sis, then home and FOOTBALL, not just Football but GIANTS FOOTBALL! They won so my Sunday was perfect!

On to some good stuff, here's a few deals I've stumbled across and their yours for the taking, enjoy and I hope they come in handy. Acutally first I'd like to remind anyone who's been shopping the past few weeks about their Kohl's cash because it does expire today, so you'd better use it before it's useless. (see below for some coupon codes).

Leap Frog is offering a great bundle deal where you get Leapter 2 System, 6 games, & messenger bag for $56 and free shipping. Thanks junebug82, jessimilwaukee, & ohilovedeals (from the SlickDeals website)

Follow these steps:
  1. Choose a Leapster 2 system (green or pink) in step 1
  2. Chose any 3 games in step 2 (price list is here)
  3. Chose messenger bag in step 3
  4. Chose 3 more games of your choice
  5. Apply code 15EMAILQ3 in cart to drop price to $57.87 + free shipping
Note, we chose $8 games for our price breakdown.

Kohl's has discount kitchen items. Apply code INCREDIBLE to take 15% off or if it's still working NEXTORDER20 for 20% off and code FREECCDEC for free shipping.Thanks karab (slickdeals)
  • Monogrammed Gingerbread Ornament $2
  • Monogram Cookie Kitchen Towel $2.50
  • Cookie Monogram 4-oz. Filled Jar Candle $2.50
  • Santa Belt 4-oz. Filled Jar Candle $2.50
  • Cinnamon Stick 3" x 4" Pillar Candle $2.50
  • Mistletoe 3" x 4" Pillar Candle $2.50
  • Frosted Snowflake 3" x 4" Pillar Candle $2.50
  • Cookie Monogram Snowglobe $4

Walmart has an HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer for $20 with free shipping.

I'll add more as I find them today.

Swaggers, I don't have much for you right now I'm working on a few things today.
Hope everyone enjoys their Monday.

Friday, December 3, 2010

12/03/2010 Good Morning

Well the day is finally here! I'm going to see Ozzy tonight! Thanks Ricky for getting my tickets, and Thanks to my aunt for taking JP overnight. Now that, that's settled, let's get down to business.

I only have 1 offer so far this morning for my faithful swaggernauts, and can you believe no videos! What is this world coming to, nothing left but trail offers, dating sites, and shopping in special offers! Thank goodness games are coming this month (supposedly we'll see), and SwagTv has been really good to me, caught 9 wins yesterday can't complain about that at all, seriously 10 days of that is a $5 AGC ( Gift Card).

A few noteworthy mentions before the swaggin', if your interested Amazon has an offer for buy 2 Dr. Seuss
books, get 1 free, but it's broken so you can actually buy 1 and get 1 free. they also have select Melissa & Doug toys for 50% off. Combine your order so it's $25 or more and get free ground shipping. Please note the Dr. Seuss offer only works on 1 order of 2 books at a time, so you can't do like 4 and get the offer. 

Ok here's my offers that work for me for today:

Tap Joy> free> Meet singles in your area. 90 Day Free Trial with full access to Jazzed! for 34 SB's.

Personally I don't really like doing the dating site offers, especially when it asks for pictures, BUT, get this I went all through the sign up process right on through completing my profile, then I get to the pictures section, and I'm just like UGH, really do I have to, but the offer does clearly state you need to upload photo's on the Tap Joy wall, so I click the FB connection button, then I decide I don't want them to have complete access to my facebook, so I click cancel back out, click on upload from my computer, start to search for a picture and wouldn't you know I don't have one picture of myself on there, and I'm thinking they check the photo's first (as the wording gave me that impression)so I better have the clear head shot it asks for, and again I don't have a picture of myself on my computer within the last few folders, so I go back and click the Facebook connection button again, and then I said well before I do this Let me just see if the offer credited, or if there may be some kind of work around to putting up my picture, and wouldn't you know it, it was already credited. What a relief, off I go to figure out how to cancel my account, easy peasy, within 15 minutes, I received the your account has been closed email.

Super Rewards>This Holiday do things differently with RightCliq for 300 SB's. (download)
Okay last night I completed this offer with no credit, but I did make sure I took my screen shots etc. and it's a program by VISA, so you know installing it should be pretty safe. Okay, you know it didn't credit me right away, and I gave it to this morning, when I woke up and there was still no credit, so I sent them a little note, included a link to the screen shot, and the email with header, because we know their going to ask for it. at 11:50am EST, I was credited, just about 2 1/2 hours after the original note was sent in. To send the note just go to the Super Rewards wall, then click on the Awarded Offers button, then look for the offer, and click on the link for it, then fill out your information and send them the note. It's really easy, just a PITA. (PITA= Pain in the toosh).

Today's blog will have netted you 334 SB's (for now I hope) -updated 11:55pm EST.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/02/2010 Had Some Swag Bucks Special Offers after all!

So without further ado!

Gambit>free> Make Bing Your Default Home Page Today!for 15SB's instant credit!

Gambit>free>Which gift should you buy? Bing and decide and enter to win a $500 gift card! for 9SB's. Be warned I did this offer like 6 times last night and it never credited, today it credited on the first try.

Trail Pay>Videos>Buffalo Wild Wings for 2 viewings = 4SB's.

This blog post will have netted you a quick and painless 28SB's!

I'll try and look for some more, in the meantime, if your new around here, check through some of the older posts, for more of my Special Offers that work.

12/02/2010 Good Morning

Good Bad, maybe even a little sad. Besides getting to the $10 off $10 GIVEJOY coupon to JC Penny's last night a little late, I still managed to get 2 items, for $1.99, the coupon was still working for me, I just wish I had found it a little sooner, and got myself another order or 2 in. I know sounds so greedy, I'm really not that kind of person, but sometimes you have to be in this world. Anyway, I went back to the site this morning in the greedy hopes that the coupon still worked, but it didn't so I just used the 4RELVES coupon and got 20% off my order and ordered three more toys, and paid $19.99 with free shipping to store. So all that is the good stuff, I think.

The Bad, maybe: I don't have any offers for my Swaggernauts today. There are a few for me to work, very few, there are no video's for me on any of the walls either. I was sure I did an offer last night but when I looked it was just a special offerwall survey. So I'll hunt down the offers through out the day and update the blog if I get anything good.

In other Swag news the autoplay feature has been really good to me, not spectacular, I'm not one of the lucky few who has been getting 15 a day, but I have been managing a minimum of 3 and I topped out at a 10 a few days ago. This morning Having it on for about an 1 hour, using Safari browser I've gotten 4 wins already. I have changed categories at least 2 times.

Back in a bit.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/01/2010 Good Morning (continued)

Hi All.

More Swag Offers that worked for me,

Tap Joy> free> Send Your Friends the CRAZY THANKSGIVING TURKEY from The Gift App! for 34SB's. I was a little concerned, because none of the offers I'm doing are appearing in the missing swag bucks section on this wall, except those it tells me completes. It took about an hour or so to credit.

Trial Pay> free> Video, Farmers Insurance for 2SB's

Today's blog will have netted you 170 SB's. -updated 2:15pm EST.

12/01/2010 Good Morning

My goodness, can you believe it's December 1st already. Where has the time gone, this year really flew by for me, maybe because I have a child now, or maybe just because I'm getting a little bit older, who knows but it did for me. News for today if you have kids you may even already know if not, Santa is coming to your Toys R Us this Saturday December 4th from 12-3 pm. You can read all about it here. (Thanks to Mi-Mar for the tip). That sounds like a lot of fun.

Okay, let's talk some Swag! Bucks that is!

I did a few offers last night, that you may have already done, heck I think I even already did one recently (shh! don't tell).

Gambit>videos> Pillsbury vid's worth 2SB's each. 6 X 2= 12 SB's (so far)

g-Wallet>Video—Get the Future of Gaming. Just $99! for 5SB's.

g-Wallet>Play the Stop the Glop game from Merillat! for 7SB's

g-Wallet>Spice up your Facebook profile with PageRage! for 30 SB's, this is a download and it comes with a double install, both easily uninstalled for me. If you need help uninstalling leave a post on the FB My Daily Swag wall, you can find a link to it in the pane to the right, just over there ----> somewhere.

g-Wallet>free> Be a more informed shopper with Tippers! for 41SB's. I had to submit a ticket, so make sure you take screen shots. 

Tap Joy>free>Grockit - The best way to study for SATs, ACTs, GRE, GMAT,Math & English Online. for 51 SB's. This offer credited, but it took a long time, I can't even give you a time frame because I was in bed by the time it paid out. It was a very easy 51 for a free trial sign up, no credit card information needed.

That's all I have for right now, I plan to add to this blog post throughout the day, hopefully.

Today's blog post will have netted you 134 SB's. -10am EST.

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