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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/01/2010 Good Morning (continued)

Hi All.

More Swag Offers that worked for me,

Tap Joy> free> Send Your Friends the CRAZY THANKSGIVING TURKEY from The Gift App! for 34SB's. I was a little concerned, because none of the offers I'm doing are appearing in the missing swag bucks section on this wall, except those it tells me completes. It took about an hour or so to credit.

Trial Pay> free> Video, Farmers Insurance for 2SB's

Today's blog will have netted you 170 SB's. -updated 2:15pm EST.


  1. Do a CTRL-F and do a search with today and it should pop up. Most of the time them are list under all your completed offers, so you may need to do this search on all of your missing swag bucks section pages to found it. Good Luck


  2. Thanks, I always use the search feature when I can't find something, unfortunately it doesn't work because they really are not in the list at all.... I'm not the only one, I've seen others on the wall post the same issue. I have emails into them hopefully they'll fix it. I emailed SB's they said email TJ and if no response in 5 business days, to email them back.


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