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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

12/01/2010 Good Morning

My goodness, can you believe it's December 1st already. Where has the time gone, this year really flew by for me, maybe because I have a child now, or maybe just because I'm getting a little bit older, who knows but it did for me. News for today if you have kids you may even already know if not, Santa is coming to your Toys R Us this Saturday December 4th from 12-3 pm. You can read all about it here. (Thanks to Mi-Mar for the tip). That sounds like a lot of fun.

Okay, let's talk some Swag! Bucks that is!

I did a few offers last night, that you may have already done, heck I think I even already did one recently (shh! don't tell).

Gambit>videos> Pillsbury vid's worth 2SB's each. 6 X 2= 12 SB's (so far)

g-Wallet>Video—Get the Future of Gaming. Just $99! for 5SB's.

g-Wallet>Play the Stop the Glop game from Merillat! for 7SB's

g-Wallet>Spice up your Facebook profile with PageRage! for 30 SB's, this is a download and it comes with a double install, both easily uninstalled for me. If you need help uninstalling leave a post on the FB My Daily Swag wall, you can find a link to it in the pane to the right, just over there ----> somewhere.

g-Wallet>free> Be a more informed shopper with Tippers! for 41SB's. I had to submit a ticket, so make sure you take screen shots. 

Tap Joy>free>Grockit - The best way to study for SATs, ACTs, GRE, GMAT,Math & English Online. for 51 SB's. This offer credited, but it took a long time, I can't even give you a time frame because I was in bed by the time it paid out. It was a very easy 51 for a free trial sign up, no credit card information needed.

That's all I have for right now, I plan to add to this blog post throughout the day, hopefully.

Today's blog post will have netted you 134 SB's. -10am EST.

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