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Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/02/2010 Good Morning

Good Bad, maybe even a little sad. Besides getting to the $10 off $10 GIVEJOY coupon to JC Penny's last night a little late, I still managed to get 2 items, for $1.99, the coupon was still working for me, I just wish I had found it a little sooner, and got myself another order or 2 in. I know sounds so greedy, I'm really not that kind of person, but sometimes you have to be in this world. Anyway, I went back to the site this morning in the greedy hopes that the coupon still worked, but it didn't so I just used the 4RELVES coupon and got 20% off my order and ordered three more toys, and paid $19.99 with free shipping to store. So all that is the good stuff, I think.

The Bad, maybe: I don't have any offers for my Swaggernauts today. There are a few for me to work, very few, there are no video's for me on any of the walls either. I was sure I did an offer last night but when I looked it was just a special offerwall survey. So I'll hunt down the offers through out the day and update the blog if I get anything good.

In other Swag news the autoplay feature has been really good to me, not spectacular, I'm not one of the lucky few who has been getting 15 a day, but I have been managing a minimum of 3 and I topped out at a 10 a few days ago. This morning Having it on for about an 1 hour, using Safari browser I've gotten 4 wins already. I have changed categories at least 2 times.

Back in a bit.

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