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Thursday, December 2, 2010

12/02/2010 Had Some Swag Bucks Special Offers after all!

So without further ado!

Gambit>free> Make Bing Your Default Home Page Today!for 15SB's instant credit!

Gambit>free>Which gift should you buy? Bing and decide and enter to win a $500 gift card! for 9SB's. Be warned I did this offer like 6 times last night and it never credited, today it credited on the first try.

Trail Pay>Videos>Buffalo Wild Wings for 2 viewings = 4SB's.

This blog post will have netted you a quick and painless 28SB's!

I'll try and look for some more, in the meantime, if your new around here, check through some of the older posts, for more of my Special Offers that work.

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