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Monday, December 6, 2010

12/06/2010 It's Monday.

I had a really great weekend, kicking it off with the Ozzy concert and celebrating his 62nd Birthday was absolutely amazing. Not only was it a really good show, he sounded awesome. I've been to a number of Ozzy Concerts, and he's never sounded quite that good in the last 14 years. Saturday I had a great dinner at my aunts house with the family. Those dinners are always the best, but for some reason I couldn't shake feeling like it was Sunday, maybe it was the hangover or maybe it was the Sunday dinner on Saturday, who knows. All in all a great day. Sunday was really great, we took the Demon child for his Christmas Pictures at JC Penny, then we went to breakfast with my littlest Sis, then home and FOOTBALL, not just Football but GIANTS FOOTBALL! They won so my Sunday was perfect!

On to some good stuff, here's a few deals I've stumbled across and their yours for the taking, enjoy and I hope they come in handy. Acutally first I'd like to remind anyone who's been shopping the past few weeks about their Kohl's cash because it does expire today, so you'd better use it before it's useless. (see below for some coupon codes).

Leap Frog is offering a great bundle deal where you get Leapter 2 System, 6 games, & messenger bag for $56 and free shipping. Thanks junebug82, jessimilwaukee, & ohilovedeals (from the SlickDeals website)

Follow these steps:
  1. Choose a Leapster 2 system (green or pink) in step 1
  2. Chose any 3 games in step 2 (price list is here)
  3. Chose messenger bag in step 3
  4. Chose 3 more games of your choice
  5. Apply code 15EMAILQ3 in cart to drop price to $57.87 + free shipping
Note, we chose $8 games for our price breakdown.

Kohl's has discount kitchen items. Apply code INCREDIBLE to take 15% off or if it's still working NEXTORDER20 for 20% off and code FREECCDEC for free shipping.Thanks karab (slickdeals)
  • Monogrammed Gingerbread Ornament $2
  • Monogram Cookie Kitchen Towel $2.50
  • Cookie Monogram 4-oz. Filled Jar Candle $2.50
  • Santa Belt 4-oz. Filled Jar Candle $2.50
  • Cinnamon Stick 3" x 4" Pillar Candle $2.50
  • Mistletoe 3" x 4" Pillar Candle $2.50
  • Frosted Snowflake 3" x 4" Pillar Candle $2.50
  • Cookie Monogram Snowglobe $4

Walmart has an HP Deskjet 1050 All-in-One Printer for $20 with free shipping.

I'll add more as I find them today.

Swaggers, I don't have much for you right now I'm working on a few things today.
Hope everyone enjoys their Monday.

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