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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

12/07/2010 Good Morning

Good Morning Everyone, Not much going on today, yesterday was a very uneventful day, on the brightside I have a few offers that credited almost immediately, along with a few offers that didn't making the special offers wall even worse for us.

Today I also wanted to mention, that due to the positive responses on the Swag Bucks Facebook wall I tried and completed a task from the Gambit special offers wall for 83 SB's it was really, really, easy and wanted to give a big shout out to those who mentioned it yesterday. 

I'm also going to run a $5 Amazon Gift Card giveaway starting January 31st, I haven't worked out the details yet, but I will be giving away at least 1- $5 Amazon Gift card, like I said I'm working on the details of how I want it to run but I'm working on it. So stay tuned for more information. If you haven't already you can like the facebook page and get notified of new blog posts right in your news feed. Just click the like button over there ----> for my facebook page. Please remember if you have any questions you can always email me at (no spam please)

*Note the giveaway may be sooner then the 31st, I'm just promising it by the 31st*

So here ya go swaggers, hope it helps, you may have completed these offers or they may no longer be available,

Offers Awarded:

Super Rewards>free> Join Mastercard Marketplace for 150 SB's, easy sign up and credited within 1/2 an hour.
Super Rewards>free> Avoid the crowds this Holiday... 10 SB's It's the Bing app for comparative shopping, if you've been following my blog, we completed this on both Gambit, and gWallet (4 times) previously.

TapJoy>free> Enter to Win Free Prizes & More from Despicable Me! for 51SB's credited within 20 minutes.

TapJoy>free> Improve Your Credit With Account Now! for 144 SB's. I entered my information on the first page, on the second page I waited a few minutes while I was reading something, then clicked to deposit via paypal, I did NOT make a deposit, after the first page it says congratulations you are signed up, had there not been so many fees associated with this card I may have considered moving some money there, but since it's so high, I won't be using it when it comes. By the time I went back to the Swag Bucks page it had credited.

gWallet>free>Watch the new trailer for Damages on DirecTV for 3SB's (1 viewing)

Gambit>Videos>showed there was video's to watch then said removed by user, so I clicked a different video in the window at the bottom and watched it, afterwards I figured no credit, to my surprise I got the 2 points, however videos were empty again. 

Gambit>Video's> Axe Video for 2 views x 2SB's, foot locker for 2SB's x 2 Views, and I have a Captain Morgan video also for 2SB's but x 4 views. Totaling 16SB's 

Offers Waiting :
gWallet>free>Pinpoint, waiting to see if it self completes other wise a ticket,

Offers with tickets in:
gWallet>free> Download Plazma Blaster games

gWallet>free>Get tunes for free with Music Rockstar!

Offers I don't know what to do with:
Sweet Daily Deals> This offer is on gWallet and Super Rewards, there's no email (so far been 1/2 a day), there's nothing to take a screen shot of, it just puts you in to a survey, yes, no, endless row of pages, and when it does end there's nothing there but another offer!

Today's blog post will have netted you 374 SB's provided you haven't already completed these offers. Be sure to keep clicking next video on Gambit, I've watched Captain Morgan at least 3 times and It's still going.

Happy Swaggin' I'll be back throughout the day with updates so keep checking!

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