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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12/08/2010 Morning!

Morning everyone, I thought I'd give a nice early post to get us Swaggers started in the right direction this morning. Late last night I completed a few offers, so just want to get them up and in to your accounts.

SuperRewards>free> New from Zynga: CityVille just install the facebook app for 8SB's.

SuperRewards>free> Are you over 21? Please take this short survey! for 8SB's and it really was short!

SuperRewards>free>Come Play Caesary!! Caesary, your leadership and management skills will be put to test! for 8SB's. It's a web game, I entered email and made a password on the first page

SuperRewards> free> Auto insurance deals Compare and save on auto insurance! Get free quotes here. for 30SB's just enter the information on the first page, I think it was zip code, and possibly state. I did not enter any personal information.

Gambit>Videos> 2 for Footlocker and 2 for Axe totaling 8SB's

This is only a few things I did last night before I put my son down to sleep. So There should be more to come, I hope.

I really hate fighting for offers but sometimes your left with no choice, either our cookies go haywire, or they don't link it right whatever it is it's annoying! So here are my Credits from yesterday's blog post. I do have to say as long as you have your proof you really shouldn't have any problems getting credited. I get credited 90% of the time. I never send mean sounding or angry emails, and I always thank them.

gWallet>free>Pinpoint for 68 SB's was credited after a screen shot of my programs, to get a screen shot of your list of programs go to Start>Control Panel> Programs> then click Programs and features, the entire list will populate, I click on the date column and have the newly installed programs show first, then I screen shot that and upload to photobucket.

gWallet>free>Get tunes for free with Music Rockstar! for 27SB's Same as above I took a screen shot  and sent it to photobucket, and sent them the link.
gWallet>free> Download Plazma Blaster games fir 27SB's Same, screen shots sent, Note they all credited 24 hours later. 

Today's blog post will have netted you an easy 62SB's. + 122 hard earned SB's for offers you may have to send screen shots for.

Please remember that my experience with offers may differ from yours, the only thing I can say is to always take your screen shots, and save your emails, and you should have no trouble getting credited.

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