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Thursday, December 9, 2010

12/09/2010 Good Afternoon

This is seriously just a fahgeddaboudit horrible day for me. If it's not one thing it's another, but I finally made it, I'm scared to even type, that my demon has finally settled in for the day. He's been up since 7am. It only took 5 hours. And during that five hours, we spilled dry baby cereal on the carpet, which is brown so it's super noticeable, So I go to get the vacuum, we only have a little car sized dirt devil vacuum because we really don't have carpet, so we either use the little one for quick cleanups on hands and knees or borrow my Mother in law's from across the street.

Well I start searching and I mean searching every where for this little vacuum that we honestly haven't used in weeks, because we've been stealing hers and forgetting to return it. Don't it figure that we only just brought it back, well any who, I'm searching for this lil thing, and I go into the no longer walk in closet in our bedroom looking, after I've already finished searching the usual places, this thing is just no where to be found. Time to text my hubby to see where it could be, leave the phone in the kitchen, go back to the bedroom to close everything up so my demon doesn't start on a pull everything out, and cause utter chaos mission. I go back and it's good he's on the bed sitting there playing, great the phone's ringing back to the kitchen I go, it's my hubby, he loaned the vacuum to his friend, okay no problem, back to the bedroom to get Demon boy, this is where it get's fun, to no fault but my own, he's got my snapple bottle on my bed, and there's liquid everywhere.

So, now I have a soggy Demon, comforter, sheets, pillows, and of course the bed and mattress cover, So I'm yelling at this little demon now because of course he's playing in it all, and the phones ringing, and ringing and ringing, of course it's my husband, what could he possibly want at this second when I just talked to him, oh yeah how come I hung up on him, To top that off the little demon has been so whiney today and I just can't seem to please him with anything. So how's your day going? Spectacular!

I was wondering what you all thought of the new Captcha addition to SwagTV. Personally I honestly don't care one way or another except for one tiny little factor, I've read on the swag bucks facebook wall that if you have to many missed captcha's they you can be deactivated. If that's the case then I completely hate the new captcha addition to SwagTV, I liked the autoplay because i have a 16 month old hell raiser, and it's nice to be able to let it run and not worry about switching video's etc. But now if I step away and miss a captcha because of the demon I might be penalized! So I guess no more SBTV for me :( 

So now, even with all my little tiny family drama, I managed to brighten my day in just a few minutes,
with a few fast crediting offers, here you go Swaggers. 

Payment Wall>free> Page Rage download and install for 40 SB's why are you going to love this one? Not only have I completed this offer multiple time's through out all the walls that have offered it, but I think this is the 2nd time Payment Wall has credited me for it. INSTANTLY! By the time I was done un-installing it, I was already credited. Does it make me a bad person that they keep giving me this offer? You know what I just don't care today.

Payment Wall>free>Shot Online - play online golf with 2 million people. for 12SB's, I created an account downloaded application, clicked to install, then it starts it's own seperate download that my McAfee has decided to notify me about, I let it sit for a minute or two while dealing with the demon child, and when I came back I clicked to not let it do whatever it was trying to do. Sometime during that it credited my 12 and I never let it finish, I then went and un-installed the installer.

Gambit>free>Turn Yourself Into A Santa! for 30SB's Instantly credited! I was in the process of sharing it on facebook because I santa'd my demon and then clicked the FB share button, it's a cute application after skipping through the offers section.

TapJoy>Free>Find New Auto Online at up to 50% Off! for 238SB's, super fast and I gave little to No information. Thanks to our very own Kay for pointing this offer out.

TapJoy>free> Enter to Win Free Prizes & More from Despicable Me! for 51SB's credited within 20 minutes. (this offer came back for me) (added @ 6:31pm EST)

Okay that's all I have for now, NAP TIME!!! thank goodness!

Today's blog post will have netted you 103SB's, and hopefully more to come check back later in the day.

1 comment:

  1. Loretta, don't worry about the CAPTCHA so much. Auto-play still works (though some videos freeze). It works similar to search so you'll still earn sb's via Swagbucks TV. But if you play it all day, then you'll need to have a workaround. I'll post about this later day on my blog. Hope that helps!


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