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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

12/21/2010 Happy Holidays Everyone

Christmas is fast approaching now. Hope you all have finished your shopping, decorating and wrapping. I am pretty much done. Actually, I'm lying, the only thing I finished is the shopping! I'm only about 1/4 of the way through the wrapping, and I still need to make the final touches on the decorating, especially since my demon tore apart 1/2 of my make shift chimney!

We have lived in this apartment for 8 years, but we never intended on staying here long term. I think that shipped sailed. Well anyway I bring this up because we have 2 random nails in the wall in the living room that we hang stuff on that is the only place we have ever hung anything and they really are random, our apartment looks sort of like a frat house with the bare walls, except for the fact that they are painted.

I bring this up, because since having my son, I have been getting his pictures taking, and spending good money, so we had the 10 x 13 from his birthday pictures hanging on 1 of those random nails. This weekend however I bought those tape hook thingys to hang photographs on. I have to say just having a  few photo's on the wall really makes it look like more of a home. My husband even got in on the action and created a photo collage it's really beautiful. Don't get me wrong it could use a little flair, it's just a whole bunch of pictures crowded on to this cardboard backing but it's nice. I added a nice white ribbon to it so we could hang it, and he put some nice Christmas paper on the wall behind it to dress it up.

Well I know what your really here for don't I. Your wondering does she have any decent SwagBucks special offers that worked for her. Yes I do! There's not a great amount but I'm actually sitting and "working" today, so I will update through out the day anything that worked for me. This morning I'm even going to point out offers that didn't credit for me.

Let's start with the fact that I headed on into the discussions tab today to see what's been crediting for other swaggers. I have to say I'm a little dissappointed because I really thought at least one of these offers were going to credit because of so many saying they got credit. It didn't work for me but if you want to try it, TapJoy>free>It's Time to Save on Life Insurance for 204 SB's. That's almost 1/2 an AGC so I really was hoping for the instant credit so many talked about. Try it at your own risk. I can't even contact them about it because my Missing  Swagbucks page on TapJoy is broken, and all I'm getting is the run around from SwagBucks and TapJoy, I have emails from both telling me to contact the other. Well I did and no one is resolving the situation so I'm just SOL. So now every time I do a TapJoy offer, it's a crap shoot.

SwagBucks Special Offers that worked for me:

TapJoy>free>Are you a mom? Join CafeMom and get Swag Bucks! for 34SB's. Just a quick easy sign up to Cafe Mom. I was credited before I finished the profile set up. If you plan on doing this offer and the next make sure you log out before closing the page, and have your other email address handy.

TapJoy>free>Merry Mahjong! Play the fun CafeMom game and get Swag Bucks! for 25SB's.

PaymentWall>free>Find latest MMOs at MMO Tree. for 23SB's. I had to submit a ticket. Maybe you'll have better luck, but make sure you save the activation email you will need to forward it to them according to their instructions.

SwagBucks Bonus Bucks: Front page of swagbucks, there's an offer between the scrolling swagbucks slider and the froobi deal of the day, it readsEARN 8 SB!How Serious Are You About Entertainment? Watch the video to earn.

That's all I have for you right now. Today's blog post will have netted you 59+SB's.

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