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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

12/28/2010 Good Morning!

Good morning everyone. I hope your holiday was as great as mine was. Watching my son open presents, and playing with the other kids was more then I could have ever hoped for. Last year, he was so small, and I was recovering from surgery, so although it was a nice Christmas, I just never felt like it was Christmas. This year was totally amazing. Next year I'm sure will be even more fun, since he will be less interested in the paper and more interested in the presents. My uncle is the sweetest thing he dresses up as Santa and comes to our house, last year my son was happy as anything sitting on his lap and gnawing on his bell, this year, he just about had a massive coronary. He didn't like Santa at all. It was really funny to watch, although not as funny when his nails were digging into my arms as he clung to me for dear life. We all got a great laugh out of it though.

So lets get on to what your really here for, and I know it's Special Offers that worked for me. I just want to say that I love posting my blog and sharing everything that works for me but I was a little disappointed in myself as I'm sure you were, for not getting a post up for a few days. I did try to get to the facebook page and post a few things but I honestly didn't make the effort and I wanted to apologize for that and hope you continue to visit me daily.

ZoomBucks, Gambit>Video's> 2 ZB's each, they have all the same video's that are/were showing on SwagBucks, so if your new to ZoomBucks, you can head over there and sign up then click to go to your dashboard, click gambit, then video's and start viewing. After each video click the link that says "next video" The offer walls appear to all be the same, however there set up a bit differently. If I had to compare it to swagbucks I'd say it wasn't as visually stunning as the SwagBucks site.

SwagBucks offers:

Gambit>Video's> Captain Morgan for 1SB. I also had 1 in the Gambit inbox message in the SwagBucks Messaging center, located here. So Captain Morgan for a total of 2SB's.

gWallet>free>Windows phone Video for 3SB's, and FijiMe TV for 3SB's.

PaymentWall/Offerwall>free> Watch the complete video without skipping or fast forwarding, and be rewarded. for 2SB's each. I had a bunch of video's yesterday and then I had Captain Morgan today for 12SB's so 6 viewings. Each time the video is over, close the small X then press to watch again, keep going till it say's there are no more videos to watch. Yesterday I was able to watch 10+ video's at 2SB's each. Today I only had the 6.

PaymentWall>free>VESIcare can make a different. for 10SB's. Click through one of the banners, then Signed up, chose to have the trial mailed to me, credited within 15 minutes. If the offer isn't listed under free just click new or all, and you will find it.

PaymentWall/Offerwall>Be prepared when the flu comes into town. for 6SB's. I clicked through and signed up then went to print the coupon, once it was in my print cache, I deleted it. 

SwagBucks Task for a total of 12SB's, go to the main swagbucks page, the big box with the scrolling advertisement in the center just above the Froobi deal, you'll see Axe play and earn x3 just click the box, and play the game 3 times, earn 4 SB's for each game :) I closed the window out each time the little gray box at the top said Thank You, it counts down the playing time. In this location you can find some of the previous tasks if you haven't completed them yet like the GE task, and Smart Car task. After you complete them go back to he main page hit refresh and see if the task appears. 


I hope to have more to add later today, if not I'll see you all in the morning with another Edition. Also if anyone has a game invite for Swagbucks left, my username is SmokeysSmokette and I'd love to preview it before it goes live, so I can discuss in the blog and help everyone prepare. Thanks in Advance.

Don't forget about the $5 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway coming in January. Remainder of the details will be released the first week of January, 2011. Also coming in January is a Zoombucks, iRazoo and inbox dollars, special offers section. Which will not be as in depth as SwagBucks but will contain any information I have on how I won Bucks. Remember Inbox Dollars is a Cash site, but ZoomBucksand iRazoo are similar to SwagBucks. If you haven't already Signed up you can just click the name of the site, and it will bring you right to the sign up page. 

Search & Win

Today's blog post will have netted you 36+SB's not very impressive.

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