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Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Well yesterday was a trippy day, I was hoping to get a small blog post up, and possibly not include any special offers for Swagbucks. Unfortunately, my computer met an untimely demise late Sunday night according to my Husband, who has no clue about computers, he knows how to go to his sites, through bookmarks I created for him, do his thing, and be done with it. He has no interest in anything else or learning anything more, he is one of the few men I know that are NOT electronic savvy. In our household and even family I repair the majority of computers, if I can and set up everyone's stuff. So I've been semi off line for almost 24 hours, working on a clean boot and system restore. I have had nothing but issues with it since I upgraded from the OEM Vista operating system, to Windows 7, first the 64 bit, then the 32 bit, and now I've just had enough and am going all the way back to out of the box.

So yesterday morning, I started my system  back up, and late last night wiped my drive, and I'm working on the re-install now. On the Bright side there's nothing like a fresh boot, to make your computer run like it was brand new again. The downside is all the downloading, and installing. So here I am on my mini, typing up this blog post and letting you all know how crappy my day will be. I have also completed a couple of special offers that worked for me, So I'll add them as I go along.

TapJoy>free>IMVU Holiday Card - Create a Free Holiday Music Card Starring Your Friends! for 68 SB's Instant Credit.
TapJoy>free>Get into the Spirit and Elf Yourself this Holiday Season! for 76 SB's Downloaded, elfed, uninstalled. (this is a repeater for me)

gWallet>free>Video - watch the new video for the Ford F150 V8 Engine!  for 2SB's. unimpressed with the single viewing but thanks gWallet.

Trialpay>video's>Swanson great stuffing debate x2, Watch this video of a flash mob. The Swanson video I got to watch twice that's from Sunday, and this morning I did the Flash mob, only 1 viewing. total =6SB's

Gambit>Video's> I'll be back to post what they are, I can already tell you I'm not to happy about them, the first one I see is worth only 1 point and it's over a minute long. Not cool Gambit!

I'll be back in a little while hopefully with any of the other offers I may have completed sunday, and today.
Enjoy your day everyone!

Today's My Daily Swag blog post will have netted you 150SB's+

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