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Monday, January 31, 2011


Ugh, another Monday, the weekends gone and here we are trudging away. I've been a little busy this morning with our household what nots. But did manage to complete a few offers in between. Firstly I didn't do anything but watch payment wall, gambit, and SB task video's over the weekend, at 2 points a piece it was easy bucks. I had a few more today so check your your vids.

Today's offers that credited are:

Super Rewards>Free the #1 Source for Hourly Employment Find the best job for your skills and apply today for 17SB's. This was not an instant credit for me, I had to submit a ticket. I just copied and pasted the welcome email with header in my original email to them. I was then credited within 20 minutes or so. 

Sign up to Freebies List and get a free game! Register with Freebies List newsletter and receive updates on amazing free stuff. Plus we will help you choose a Free Game to download. for 14SB's. Also had to submit a ticket, just copied and pasted the first email I received from them. Credited in only a few minutes from ticket submission.

Pick a sponsor and type the code for 3SB's. Not an instant credit, but it was easy enough and credited within an hour.


Help create the hot new game coming to CafeMom and get Swag Bucks for 25SB's. This was actually a little annoying I had to answer 25 questions, the plus side is they count down but you have to scroll down to see it counting while you answer. Credited as soon as I answered the last question. 
Play free Lands and Legends on Facebook for 17SB's. I wasn't sure if we needed to play to be credited so I just went through the tutorial till I instituted a Governor. I think it's like the 3rd reward thingy. Not sure but already removed the app from my installs. 
I did an offer for Gambit but I think I'm going to have to submit a ticket, I try and wait a good while before submissions with them because they usually just take long to credit the offers, unlike the rest who are usually instant credits. 
Last order of business. I've been posting some deals, some Swag Related some not. I'm curious to know whether or not your interested in seeing them. Maybe just the hot Amazon deals and any deals that earn you Swag? Please let me know your input is greatly appreciated. You can just comment at the end of this blog post, and let me know your take, your welcomed to stay anonymous of course.
Today's blog post will have netted you 76SB's.  Try and make the best of your Monday today! 

Friday, January 28, 2011

01/28/2011 Happy Mega SwagBucks Friday!

Yes, it's another Mega SwagBucks Friday. I haven't had any mega wins but according to the Facebook Swag page, others are hitting some big numbers. The inevitable has finally happened, the nasty illness that's been plaguing my husband and son, has struck and forced it's grimy germs into my system. Mom's are usually the one's to get it last so here I am, with it starting and it's already horrible, my throat is scratchy and I can feel the congestion getting ready to build, I hate germs!
Okay, now that, that's out of my system, I can tell you because of this nasty illness I'm supre lazy hence the late post. Here's what I have like it or not, I started some offers yesterday, never finished, and today I did a few none have credited, so I'm just surrendering for the day.

Here's what I have for you, hope it helps, and it's not much at all.


See The Top Photos On Facebook! for 10SB's. Pretty instant credit once the app finally loaded, it really took forever, and I think after it loads you have to look through the pictures or something, just follow the directions exactly as stated on the offer page, and it will credit.


Register and play Seafight, the online pirate game. For 8SB's. Just registered, and I think confirmed email. Didn't play, instant credit.


Try Gold's Gym free for 7day's 45SB's. Instant credit, just signed up, I think I chose a local gym, I did not print out the pass.

There was a video in the December 9th Gambit video's email again. I forget what it was for. But it was good for 1 lowly SB.

So like I said not much but it's something, also make sure to look in between the Froobie deal of the day and the Rotating Swagbucks slider for 2point Video's.

Today's blog post will have netted you a GERMY 63SB's. Have a great weekend everyone.

P.S. there's another offer check it out here: it's buy a $30 gift certificate for $15. There's no SwagBucks offer for this, however maybe just maybe you can use the super rewards offer for the 400SB's. Also, you can actually score it for $13 instead of $15 since new users get a $2 credit for joining!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

01/26/2011 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Well we have another snowy day here in Jersey, aren't ya loving it all ?!? Just kidding I'm actually getting a little sick of it, especially if it starts interfering in my weekly shopping trip! Which is really just my break from home, and my demon child. Speaking of my little demon, he's a little sick, running a small fever, since yesterday and today started all the cold symptoms, coughing, sneezing a slight runny nose, which I'm sure is just going to get worse before it gets better. He's only been sick once before and it was like a Summer cold, and really wasn't that bad. So please keep this in mind because I'm about to tell you I haven't done much of the Special offers yesterday or today. I do have an offer or two to share, that I did complete. One is for 100+SB's so that should ease your suffering :)


Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Tell us. for 60SB's, you have to select yes to at least 1 on each page of the yes/no options, skip through to the end, at the end there was some kind of firefox add on, I clicked the allow button but never clicked to install it (just in case I needed it for credit) I had my credit's instantly :) 60SB's pain free :) (this was an add-in to Monday's post)


Huge savings on everyday items. FREE $5 for signup, for 136SB's. The offer is for Offermatic, I was actually pretty excited to see it there, since I had the website saved to my favorites to sign up for at a later time, I first found out about it a week or two ago, there was an offer for where you buy $50 worth of product and get $25 off, needless to say most (at least mine) was canceled after digging around I found out the offer was actually for Offermatic customers. So I went to the site and had a look around. It seems similar to CardPower, and even but with a rewards program. After inputting all of my info, I had already qualified for one of their offers, I got a $10 Subway Gift card for $4.00 the offer states for $5.00 but if you use some of your points you can trim an extra buck! We'll see if it comes, but I did sign up, I use Bank of America, and they're pretty good about fixing any problems with your card, if something goes awry.

gWallet wall or Slider>
Continue the football season free! Play now! for 25SB's had to download which makes no sence what so ever since the game is played in the web browser, and it's really horrible but I played it for a bit and I never received credit, so I took my screenshots and emailed gWallet, we'll see what happens but I'm sure they'll credit me. Just a fair warning. (this was posted in monday's blog post) I received credit for it this morning. I'm assuming I did but haven't received an email response confirming this yet but I have a 25SB Credit from gWallet, I can't see it being for anything else, although that's not entirely impossible.

On the homepage, between the Froobi deal of the day, and the Advertisement slider, there was a task to watch video's you could complete it 3 times for a total of 6SB's, the first video's I had were Monday evening for the MSN video it was 15seconds long and easy enough. Last night I was able to watch 4 times for a total of 8SB's the video was for Mercedes, and a car that ran on Tweet's. I had the sound off so I wasn't listening to it but I was intrigued to watch it this morning, I may just do a search and see if I can't watch it, be warned it's pretty long at 2+ minutes per viewing.

Good Luck today Swaggers, Zoomer's, and iRazooers, Hope your search wins are High and all your offers pay out promptly!

Today's blog post will have netted you 175SB's + the Gambit offer from Monday if you didn't complete it yet for 60SB's. If I add anything tonight I'll leave a post on the FaceBook page.

P.S. Thank you SwagBucks, for hopefully ridding us of the Cheaters, I'd love to play the games but decided early on when I played a tournament that it wasn't going to work with ridiculous unbeatable scores. Hence I do not play, not even to get the lousy 10SB's per day.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Good Morning everyone hope you all had a great weekend. If you haven't seen it or didn't know about it there is a SwagBucks Promo that's been going on since Thursday, January 20th and is running through SuperBowl Sunday, the promo is being called "The 2 Point Conversion" and the promotion states that it actually started the 19th, so the Special Offers for the Amazon Gift Card through will count toward the promotion. Basically you need to complete 20 special offers starting the 19th and running through SuperBowl sunday, and you will get a 40 SwagBuck bonus, in addition to that you will receive 2 SwagBucks per offer completed, basically netting you an extra 80SB's just for doing some special offers. Now if you've been following my blog for a while or have read through the Special Offers guide you should be a Special Offer king/queen by now and hopefully were rocking the offers all weekend. I know you took your screen shots and saved all your emails so your ready to battle! If you use Gambit to complete tasks, those are also included in the offer.

I'm inserting an Editorial here. I Don't know what the deal is now whether or not there is an additional 40SB bonus or not. I'm reading some information on the Facebook SwagBucks wall that is saying, there's no additional bonus, do at your own risk I make no guarantees that there is in fact an additional 40SB bonus, however there information reads otherwise. (inserted on 1/24 at 7pm EST)

While watching the demise of both the Jets and the Bears yesterday I completed some offers for us, those and whatever I did throughout the weekend. Just a reminder if your not a SwagBucks user, and prefer to use the other sites for Special Offers the same rules should pertain and the same offers should be available. I have planned on adding ZoomBucks offers and iRazoo offers to the blog, but it's just so much work and I don't have as much time to do all of them. At least not yet, soon I hope, but having an 18 month old in constant demand of my attention really limits what I'm able to do and how often I'm able to post. If anyone is interested in sharing their success please email and I can add your offers to the blog for those sites.

I'm going to try and group these by Wall from left to right so you can do 1 wall at a time, and please remember I always click "free" to weed out most of the paying offers.

SwagBucks offers that worked for me:

Search for just what you feel like watching on Jinni! Sign up for free and share Jinni on Facebook! for 8SB's Instant credit after clicking on email verification link.

Add in:
Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Tell us. for 60SB's, you have to select yes to at least 1 on each page of the yes/no options, skip through to the end, at the end there was some kind of firefox add on, I clicked the allow button but never clicked to install it (just in case I needed it for credit) I had my credit's instantly :) 60SB's pain free :)

Find a job you like as much as you like this game for 25SB's. It's actually not a game, I think it was for I just filled out a quick profile and actually searched for a job.
I completed other offers at TapJoy that didn't credit, and I can't even send in through the missing swagbucks section, thanks for fixing it, and then making it broken again!!

KGB Deals- Get Daily Deals in Your City! !for 40SB's this offer actually didn't autocredit for me, and I thought it would since so many others got credit for it. I have a ticket in with them and I'm sure they'll pay up. (this offer was not under free, it was just in the list on the first page)

Say Hello to your new phone for 11SB's a facebook app, and instantly credited if you've been following the blog you know that I've been credited for this offer a multitude of times, and on more then 1 site, however the 19th was actually the last day I had it appear on gWallet. I'll miss you Windows Phone you netted me many SwagBucks and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

FREE Weird News Email Newsletter! for 9SB's. Just sign up with your email address, I personally went through all the Yes/No, pass, skip offer sections and clicked the activation email and got instant credit.

Free sports update newsletter! for 9SB's. Just sign up with your email address, I personally went through all the Yes/No, pass, skip offer sections and clicked the activation email and got instant credit.

The Best Free File-Sharing Software! for 6SB's download iMesh. I downloaded and uninstalled immediately after being credited.

My Shopping Genie - finding bargains made easy. for 12SB's. This offer actually took a while to credit, I had a ticket in for it, and when I woke up it had credited already, and support let me know about it :)

Boost your weight loss with alli. for 36SB's I got an email from them and waited and waited I finally read the email and clicked on the yellow/gold link that said visit myalliplan, immediately after that I got a 2nd email saying congratulations. I was credited immediately after receiving that email. So the first email I'm assuming is a confirmation email and you need to click on it.

Free, Easy and Fun gamer missions for 7SB's I forget what exactly it was for but I got credit, after installing the app and more then likely playing the game, but it was an easy 7SB's.

Remedy Life Osteoporosis for 23SB's, is just a remedy life email signup, click all the way through and you should have your credit, I usually just click No's, No thanks, and skip, after the first page.

Meet Singles with Flirtmaps for 28SB's it's a facebook app install and is some kind of hookup/dating app, it was kind of cute but I'd rather be tracking my family members or my son when he get's older then a date. It pretty much shows all available in your area, etc. easily uninstall from your facebook account use instructions in the guide to special offers.

Get Designer Sample Sales for 330SB's. You may or may not have this offer available. It was listed under free and said no purchase required, when you clicked through the link I assumed I'd be signing up for a deal a day site like Gilt, HauteLookor a few of the others, however there was no place to sign up just add to your cart and buy stuff. I certainly didn't want to make a purchase and the offer said no purchase required. I took all my screen shots and emailed them, they didn't give me any problems getting credit, I did this offer at night on the 20th, The next morning I made my daily visit over the the SwagBucks Facebook page, and seen everyone was in the same boat and that increased a ton of traffic to that offer, and I think SuperRewards stopped paying on it. So I'm not sure exactly if the offer is still there, or if it's been moved and changed. If it's there I think your odds are 50/50 that you'll get it. I didn't include it in my Friday blog post because I was still waiting to see if I'd be credited, along with a list of others. I don't include all the offers I do, because alot of them require alot of work to get paid, like email after email screen shot after screen shot, and then in some cases they just stop answering, and then I have to contact SwagBucks. I really leave that as a last resort and only if its for a lot of swagbucks or if i'm really POed!

gWallet Slider>
Continue the football season free! Play now! for 25SB's had to download which makes no sence what so ever since the game is played in the web browser, and it's really horrible but I played it for a bit and I never received credit, so I took my screenshots and emailed gWallet, we'll see what happens but I'm sure they'll credit me. Just a fair warning.

Find local, real paying jobs in your area FAST! for 7SB's entered email clicked through and searched for a Job credited quickly.

Today's blog post will have netted you a fairly easy 246SB's *not including the Designer Samples offer.

Have a great day everyone! If I get credit for any outstanding offers, or complete anymore I'll try and be back today, if not I'll be back on Wednesday.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Good Morning Everyone :)

First I just want to thank all of my referrals. You guys are really awesome! I've lost a few of you over the last few weeks, with you all maxing out on me. I hope your enjoying SwagBucks as much as I do, and when your ready I'll introduce you to the other sites that are out there. Earning you even more.

I hope everyone got the $10 for $20 Amazon Gift card this week, and the 280SB's for buying it, making the actual cost around the $7 mark after your swagbucks conversion.

I was unable to use SuperRewards to purchase my order from earlier in the week, and was left feeling really deflated, I really wanted the extra 400+SB's. If you haven't purchased your order, yet, I'd advise trying to use the SwagBucks Shop and Earn section if you've never used shop and earn before, just click the drop down box, press the letter S on your keyboard (for a fast way down to the S's) and go down the list for ShoeBuy once you click it you'll see on the page the logo, just click on it to go to the store and make your purchase. You should earn 2SB's for every $1 you spend. It's not quite 472SB's but at least it's something. You can also try using the promo code I listed on the My Daily Swag Facebook page for an additional savings.

Today I'm going to discuss the new 2 Point Conversion Promotion for Special Offers on SwagBucks. Starting on 1/19/2011 every special offer you complete that's worth 6 or more SB's will pay an additional 2SB's per offer, and if you complete 20 offers or more that total 6 SB's or more through Super Bowl Sunday, February 6th, 2011 you will receive a 40SB bonus, they are also including any of the tasks that you may complete on the Gambit offerwall. All bonus' will be paid out on February 8th, 2011 according the notice sent by SwagBucks. If you haven't read the notice yet it's located in your SwagBucks mailbox.

I will be doing my best to help you all get your 20 Special Offers in. Just please remember you will undoubtedly have more offers then I do on your offerwalls, you can check through past blog posts of mine to see what I've done in the past to help you get your 20 in addition to anything I post about in this blog. We have a long way to go to get the 20 in, I'm trying to remain optimistic, even with TapJoy working and now again not working for me (missing swagbucks link).

Looks like gWallet, has finally finished with the Window's phone offer, at least for me, it's not allowing me to access the offer. I will see if it appears again tomorrow. This offer is listed on the TapJoy wall and pays around 13SB's (I think), so if you want to get it for that wall as well have at it :) If your not sure what it is; it's a simple facebook app and you can find info on how to un-install a facebook app in the Guide to Special Offers Section.

Okay this morning I attempted quite a fw offers, and most of them didn't credit, So I'll wait to see the results before I post them. Those that have credited for me this morning are:

SuperRewards>free> Free easy and fun gamer missions for 7SB's It was a Facebook app install, for a game. I believe SuperRewards offers a new "mission" daily but don't quote me on that, I just know I see them here quite often. Remember once you've fulfilled the requirements to remove the app in case it ever returns in the future. This app was for City of Wonder. I made it to level 3 made sure I filled up the progress bar at the top by liking the page and allowing auto posting etc. All of this stuff get's removed once you remove the app.

SuperRewards>free>Remedy Life Osteoporosis for 23SB's. Enter your email, answer the questions, skip and pass the offers, and wallah 23SB's deposited into your SB's account :) 

TapJoy>free>Find a job you like as much as you like this game for 25SB's. It's for filled out my information, not 100% but I plan on finishing, since I really need a J-O-B very soon! The credit took a little bit to come through but overall fast payout within an hour or less.

Gambit>Videos>Lipton Brisk for 1 lowly SwagBuck. But it's a SB and they all add up eventually. 

Well that's all I have for you today, except I wanted to mention about the SwagBucks Coupons. Mine are starting to roll in now, and wanted to thank SwagBucks for adding this nifty feature. I also wanted to remind everyone that if you preferred to get cashback on your coupons, you could actually use Inbox Dollars for that, it's your choice really.

Today's blog post will have netted you 56SB's. Hopefully I can add to this today, check back again later this evening, I'll update the facebook page if I update this post. Have a great day everyone and Happy Swaggin'!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

01/18/2011 Hot Deal's for SwagBucks!

There's some really hot deals for SwagBucks today!

Head on over here to Groupon and sign up (unless your already a member) after you signed up head on over to SwagBucks. Once you get to Swagbucks click on Daily Deals it's located in the pane on the left hand side, or just click here, You will be brought to a new page, you can click on any of the offers showing up for Groupon, click one and go to the Groupon website. Once there look in the pane on the right hand side of the page for the $20 for a $40 Gift Certificate to, if you can't find it there try changing the city to New Jersey, North Jersey, you'll find it on the right hand side of the screen. Once you purchase the groupon you will be given 280SB's.

When your finished exit out and head on back and you can score the $10 for $20 Certificate to Bath and Body works, netting you another 280 SB's. Just change the city to Columbia, SC and you'll see it on the left side of your screen, they have a $10 for $20, and a $15 for $30!

If that's not enough for you once your Groupon comes through head on back to the Special Offers tab, and click on Super Rewards, look for the offer currently paying 492SB's for a purchase (click purchase required on the left side, scroll down mine was at the bottom of the first page). Remember shipping is free at even if you have to exchange for size! The Groupon for states that you can keep the overage, on your order, now just use WINTER20 in the promo field, if your purchase is under $40 you'll keep the remaining overage in your account for your next purchase! nothing like savings on top of savings!! (this is provided everything works according to plan tomorrow)

So you can score yourself over 900 SB's with these two purchases in the next 24 hours or so. The groupon purchases should be instant.

Not a freebie but huge savings!! And lots of bucks 900SB's = 2x $5.00 Amazon Gift cards :) in the end you'll actually be paying around $30 for both offers, since your earning over 900SB's giving you $10 back in AGC's!

Thanks to SwagGrabber for sharing this deal!

Monday, January 17, 2011


Afternoon everyone. I don't have much in the way of offers today. I was actually thinking of skipping the whole post till I had some good one's for ya. It's just getting harder and harder for me, The more offers you do the less you have in all those pages.

Here's what I've done since Friday-ish.

SuperRewards>free>OfferApp get paid apps for free for 6SB's instant credit.

SuperRewards>free>Not just a game a way of life, Mafia Mofo for 5SB's had to copy and paste email header to get credit.

SuperRewards>free>Send your friends a free virtual breakdancing santa for 4SB's credited within an hour or so.

SuperRewards>free>Debit Card, No Rewards, Say Hello to Card Power for 284SB's (your amount may differ) I waited for this offer for a really long time, I did see a post over the weekend from someone on the facebook swagbucks page saying that they completed the offer and have no issues with it, and use the service. Remember this is your card, and credit, so I'm not responsible. I did  have an issue of it saying I already loaded this card but I never did so I'm not sure what's going on there, I have an email into their support staff. I had to send them proof of completion to get credit so not an instant winner for me.

gWallet>free>Window's phone for 11SB's again :) You can check through some of my previous blog posts for info on how to uninstall the facebook app.

gWallet>free>Watch the Geo Trust video for 1SB, unimpressed with the amount of SB's for the length of the video.  Watch it twice for 1SBx2 viewings = 2SB's payout.

Today's post will have netted you 312SBs (give or take)

Friday, January 14, 2011

01/14/2010 Amazon Gift Card Giveaway is on!

Make sure you check the My Daily Swag facebook page, first to comment in the post containing the question, with the correct answer and link will win the $5.00 Amazon Gift Card!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Good almost afternoon. I have very few offers today, and it's a snow day here in Jersey. I have to admit our roads didn't look bad at all this morning. Anyway they called schools off last night, I think we got less then was expected, although I haven't been out there.

My SwagBucks special offers that worked for me today are very few sorry, I've been a bit busy and I don't have many that are available to me. However, since my TapJoy wall is fixed, I should be able to complete more offers there.

gWallet>free>Free online role playing game for 14SB's. I created the account, started the download, canceled the download and was credited in about 1/2 an hour.

gWallet>free>windows phone facebook app for 11 again.

TapJoy>Unleash the Viking within, you must play to level 3, after completing all the steps in the bar just above the game window, and fighting a few battles, I was able to advance to level 3 and was immediately auto-credited. for 20SB's I think it should have been more since it was a bit of work for a Facebook app. Overall though the game itself isn't half bad.

I'll see you all Friday, for the give away and hopefully some offers.
Today's post will have netted you a measly but easy 45SB's.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

01/11/2011 Extra Time Today

Even running around all morning shopping, I decided to get in a quick blog post for you all. I wanted to let everyone know I am holding the $5 AGC giveaway on Friday January 14th, 2010. The rules will be simple, the first person to respond correctly to the question will win the card. The contest will be held on the Facebook My Daily Swag page, I will post the question sometime around 10 a.m. EST so watch the page for details. *note around 10 am not precisely at 10 am*

Please remember this is a giveaway the only string attached is that you answer the question. I will give everyone this one hint in advance so everyone is on fair ground you have 3+ days to study. The answer will be found in my blog, so study up. There will be only 1 $5 AGC, and please don't be a sore loser about it. I want it to be fun for everyone, it only takes 1 whiner in the bunch to cause misery. Also please remember I'm an individual person, not a company or entity so it's coming out of my Amazon Gift Card wallet earned by me for my time and effort.

I have a couple offers today I would have saved for tomorrow but since I'm posting today, you can have the one's I've done, which isn't many.

gWallet>Say hello to your new phone, for 11SB's again!!! I really love this offer :)

gWallet>Download DJ Fest now for Free and get Swag Bucks! for 17SB's. I completed the offer even played the game for 5 minutes, made it to level 3 took my screen shot, of the game up along side my installed programs list, took a screen shot, and submitted my ticket. They say 1-4 days to credit, and it took about 3 days.

gWallet>Save up to on Last-Minute Cruises with! for 21SB's. When you click on the link you'll be brought to another page, at the top of that page there will be an advertisement banner click that, on the new page, select a cruise line from the drop down list, fill out information, click submit, instant credit.

gWallet>Engage yourself with CrowdTap! for 41SB's If you get to level 2 it's supposed to auto credit, however mine did not. I sent a screen shot of my account to them and was paid. It wasn't hard to do.

TapJoy>Xenos needs your help for 15SB's. It's a facebook app install and credited instantly.

TapJoy> Fight for the fate of humanity, for 3SB's. A facebook app install, create a username, password, choose alliance, and done. Then My account, privacy settings, edit app's, and remove. easy 3!

I also got a 108SB's credit from gWallet for an offer, and I can't find out where from exactly, if anyone know's what offer this was please fill me in. thanks, lol.

I just want to add that it appears for me at least that my missing swagbucks section has been fixed on the TapJoy wall, I have a new interface with a drop down box for offers that didn't credit. The drop down box appears to be alphabetical, at least for now.

Today's blog post will have netted you a hard earned 108 SB's (hard earned = screen shots and emails)

Monday, January 10, 2011


Good Morning Everyone, hope your Monday is going better than mine. Up at 2:30 a.m. didn't go back to sleep till around 5 a.m and up again at 7:30 a.m. ahhh the joys of motherhood. Let me get right down to business cause frankly I'm super tired and just want to be done for the morning.

Swagbucks special offers that work for me today are:

gWallet>Say hello to your new phone, for 11 SB's. Don't forget to un-install it when your done :) if you need instructions, see here. I wonder how much longer we're going to be able to use this offer :) I got a feeling it's on it's way out.

PaymentWall/Offerwall>free/all>Video's watch the MSN video, close the little x go back and repeat, collected 10SB's total, 2SB's watched 5x's.

I did 0 offers Yesterday, so the list is a bit small well really small, I plan to work throughout the day, but we'll see cause I'm really tired, I know stop my whining.

Today's blog post will have netted you a measly 21SB's.

I received my 25 points for my recipe entry, and failed to pick all 4 of the correct teams in the football pools BOOO! Hoping to do a lot of swagTV today since I made virtually no bucks yesterday. Okay, I hope to be back later. Till then or Tomorrow have a great Monday.

Add In @ 11:04 a.m.
SuperRewards>free>Farmandia is the best new farm game on Facebook. for 11SB's I installed the app, and played to level 3, I'm not sure what the requirements are it just says to install, but it took a long time to credit, Again, I did play through to level 3, I consider myself a little lucky because I actually had a friend who was playing it so went to her farm and was able to water some of her stuff to advance me to the 3rd level. Like I said I'm not sure on the requirements, but I reached level 3, I've already removed the app :)

Saturday, January 8, 2011

01/08/2011 Happy Saturday!!

Happy Saturday everyone...

Let's get right down to business I have a few Special Offers that worked for me this morning; so have at it!

gWallet>free>Say Hello to Your New Phone windows phone FaceBook app, for 11SB's. Don't forget to un-install it when your done :) if you need instructions, see here

gWallet>Slider>Check out on Facebook! for 5SB's. It's just a facebook like. I liked it, got credit instantly and un-liked it :) I belong to enough daily deal sites on Facebook lol.

Gambit>free>Love free stuff? for 12SB's. It was an Eversave sign up. Instant Credit.

PaymentWall/OfferWall>free>Get free samples from Kellogg's, Revlon, Huggies, and other major brands. for 27SB's. Instant Credit.

SuperRewards>Save hundreds a year on your insurance, Saving money is easy. Select the insurance type and state, for good measure, I clicked a few of the sites, before exiting and getting credit within 10 minutes.14SB's

Hope it's enough to hold you over to next week. Thanks again for Stopping by and reading.
Today's blog post will have netted you 69SB's (if I can I will add to this today and tomorrow so check back later in the day)

Friday, January 7, 2011

01/07/2011 Just a tad late

I usually like to get all my stuff done in the morning, I did manage to get a few things done. I'll leave it at that and remind everyone I have a 17 month old demonic son. Yes I said demonic. I can if I want to. LOL!!!

Okay I did some SwagBucks Special Offers this morning, they all didn't credit so I'm only going to post those that did, and then maybe I can get a weekend post with those that didn't, and had to send in a ticket. Okay lets get down to it, since I don't have much time today.

SwagBucks Special Offers that worked for me, (don't forget this should hold true for other sites with the same offerwalls, so your really getting one post for all)

gWallet>free>Say Hello to Your New Phone windows phone facebook app, for 11SB's. It took so long to credit, that I did it a second time, and what do you know I was paid twice, so if you don't get credit right away go on and do it again. Remember to uninstall the app from your facebook right after you complete it, that way you can do it again. (see older post)

gWallet>free>Get a free auto insurance quote today! for 135SB's it's the Discount-Car-Insurance offer, and it didn't credit instantly but credited within an hour or so. I used my google voice number without any problems.

gWallet>free>Free download - Play Sushi : 99 Bricks for 27SB's credited pretty quickly.

TapJoy>free>Play Zynga's Newest Game - CityVille for 8SB's credited quickly. (facebook install)

TapJoy>free>Do You Dare Take the Impossible Quiz? for 90SB's Almost instant credit. (it's a download)

SuperRewards>free>Get Auto Insurance quotes now for 25SB's, I entered my zip code, and entered, I then chose one of the sponsored offers, entered my zip code again. The first time I clicked one of the sponsors under the first set of sponsored offers (i think they were the google ads) and clicked on an actual banner I think it was liberty mutual or something, I waited about 10 minutes, went back in did the same thing but this time, clicked a link in the first set of sponsored offers, which one caused the win, I'm honestly not sure. Either way it was an easy 25SB's.

SuperRewards>free>Get fantapper, it's free for 25SB's, first let me tell you it says it's a facebook app, but it's not, it contains a firefox add on and something else, I installed and uninstalled, was credited shortly after.

Yesterday I had the Wipeout video, like, share on facebook offer on Trial Pay again, I was able to refresh the page and go back for a total of 6SB's. If you read the Facebook My Daily Swag page, then you should have hopefully been able to do the same :)

This blog post will have netted you 300+SB's. (hopefully). Have a great weekend everyone! If all else fails I'll be back on Monday :)

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

01/04/2010 Happy Tuesday :)

Let me just start by saying I was not going to do a blog post today, I've been thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be sufficient enough. With that said, I completed a ton of offers last night, and this Morning for SwagBucks that I really wanted to share right away so you can all get your AGC's or Paypal cards or whatever it is your using your SB's for.

SwagBucks Special Offers that worked for me. All listed were instant or within a small amount of time to credit unless otherwise stated.

gWallet>free>Say Hello to Your New Phone for 9SB's this is the facebook app, that you can delete immediately and redo the offer again, as long as it appears. (see the post from 1/3/2010 for further instruction)

gWallet>free>Receive free coupons from your favorite brands with! for 11SB's, fill out info, skip/no through the remaining pages. If you've done a lifescript offer in the past you will need a new email address, there is no confirmation email :)

gWallet>free>Do you have diabetes? Join Diabetic Connect! for 27SB's fill out info, skip/no through the remaining pages. there is no confirmation email here either ;)

gWallet>free>Install the application! for 9SB's install un-install no problems at all.

gWallet>free>Download game Virtual Families for free! for 10SB's, the game is cute if you've ever played any of the Virtual villager games or even the Sims. I dislike all the ad's during game play. The offer was taking a bit to credit so started playing (maybe 5 minutes worth) exited, and I was credited. Did my playing trigger it or did it just take that long I'm really not sure.

gWallet>free>Free download - Coupons automatically drop down in your browser! for 41SB's quick download, I entered my email address to be sure to get a credit, I have completed this offer a multitude of times. If I ever don't get credit I won't be emailing for it since I've been paid for it already.

PaymentWall/OfferWall>free/new>Download and install a shopping toolbar to receive grocery coupons and samples. for 14 SB's. Intalled, then un-installed. fast, easy and instant credit.

SuperRewards>Video>Science Diet starring Alison Sweeny, 3SB payout credited instantly.

SuperRewards>free>Buy With Me for 40SB's. I completed the offer, email etc. I never received credit, I went to the missing swagbucks/offer status link, where I told them completed did not receive credit's and copied and pasted my confirmation/welcome email with header (instructions in newbie section) and was credited within minutes of sending in the request.

TrialPay>New> ABC Winter Wipeout for 2SB's. 1 must watch video you can skip steps 2 and 3 which is a facebook like, and share, you can skip both and be credited. 3rd day in a row, It premiers Thursday so maybe we'll get it for 2 more days :) that would be nice!

Gambit>SwagMail Video Link for Brisk Iced Tea worth 1SB. Hopefully everyone retained the video email in their swag mail to get this credit. If your not sure what swag mail is you can go to the newbies section for more information, I've included some horrible screen shots to see where I'm talking about.

Have a great day everyone! Today's blog post will have netted you: 189SB's! Not bad, I know it's a lot of little stuff, but they start adding up quickly, add in your STV, your searches, referrals if you have them, games if your a beta tester, and you should earn yourself an AGC today (not a guarantee but you should get at least 1/2 way there)

Monday, January 3, 2011

01/03/2011 Happy New Year

Good Morning everyone. So here we are in the New Year, and I'm finally back in full swing. I need to get back to the way I started this blog, and that's a daily post about all the special offers that worked for me in SwagBucks. I'm going to let you know right off the bat that if you use some of the other sites like ZoomBucks, or Inbox Dollars, those sites have similar offer walls and you can almost always find the same offers on those walls. In addition to the earning sites, they are also listed in most of the facebook game sites, as a way to earn special game credits. Same rules apply to them as they do to SwagBucks. I'm going to dedicate some space to special offers here in the blog, with some general rules of what you should be doing to ensure proper payment of your bucks.

I wanted to talk about the $5 Amazon Gift Card give away. I will be holding it around the week of January 17th. Only users who participate will be eligible to receive the card. If it goes well, I may start doing it as a quarterly, or every other month event, let's leave it as we'll see. I'll be releasing the remainder of the details  in one of my blog posts next week, so stay tuned.

So let's get down to it this morning. Here are my Special Offers that worked for me, some you may have read on the facebook page but since not everyone can read everything I've included here to.

gWallet>free>Say Hello to Your New Phone for 9SB's. This is a cute little facebook app that you can uninstall seconds after installing it, It's really simple just go to: My account>Privacy Settings>bottom left of your screen under apps and websites click "edit settings" next page, click the edit settings grey/silver button, you'll see all of your apps listed by last use, the window's app should be the first one in the list if you just installed it, click the X all the way to the right of the screen and choose the option to remove. Wait a minute click okay, and that's it. I've done this offer a multitude of times, and even more then once per day. So I do suggest following my instructions and getting your 9 per day for as long as it allows us.

gWallet>free>Find a better job - Post Your Resume for free at! 14SB's. I dont' remember how long it took to credit but it did credit without sending in a ticket. I still recommend your screen shots! The only downside to this offer is you have to write/type up an 800 character/word resume. I wasn't impressed with the site, so I didn't give my all on the resume, actually I didn't give much at all. In fact it looked more like a small essay. 

gWallet>free>Free to find contractors to fix everything in your home! for 135SB's. This offer wasn't a super fast credit, I was all set to send in a ticket, but I usually give all the offers at least 24 hours before I send in the ticket. It credited overnight. I followed the instructions, including a request for servicing of my hard wood floors to be sanded, cleaned and re-finished, I was contacted via email about my request and I've not responded and I don't plan on it. We rent and my landlord is more of a slum lord, no way he's paying to get the floors done.

gWallet>free>Get Fantapper and keep up with your favorite celebrities- free! for 27SB's. It was a quick download, install and un-install. I bear no responsibilities for any downloads I am only stating my experience.

PaymentWall/OfferWall>free/new> Don't let osteoporosis to let you down. for 23 SB's
PaymentWall/OfferWall>free/new>Get expert advice on diabetes. for 23SB's. 
PaymentWall/OfferWall>free/new>Are you or someone you love suffering from Rheumatoid Arthritis? for 23SB's. All 3 of these offers were for Remedy Life. I used a different email address for each of the 3 offers.

TapJoy>free>Make the Intel AppUp℠ center your source for netbook apps! for 34SB's, I downloaded, Installed then un-installed. Instant Credit. I actually think it credited before the install was complete.

Gambit>free>Ahorra hasta $200 por año con los Cupones de Descuento de Qué Rica Vida. ¡Suscríbete ahora! for 45SB's. This offer took a few day's to credit. I had actually forgotten about it until I had a mystery 45 in my account. I also completed this offer on another wall or two in the past, I liked getting the free samples and coupons in the mail. For the most part following the Spanish was easy, it's a standard web form but if you get stuck or confused just go to google translator.

TrialPay>New> ABC Winter Wipeout for 2SB's. 1 must watch video you can skip steps 2 and 3 which is a facebook like, and share, you can skip both and be credited. (I had this 2 days in a row)

This is what I've completed since my last blog post on December 28th. I'll be working hard this week to push out some more great offers that hopefully complete for me. Please remember to check through some old blog posts if your new to my blog and or SwagBucks, there are lots of offers in those posts.

So much to do so little time, I hope to be back later today with more if not I'll see you all on Wednesday.
Today's blog post will have netted you 335SB's more or less.

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