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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

01/04/2010 Happy Tuesday :)

Let me just start by saying I was not going to do a blog post today, I've been thinking Monday, Wednesday, and Friday will be sufficient enough. With that said, I completed a ton of offers last night, and this Morning for SwagBucks that I really wanted to share right away so you can all get your AGC's or Paypal cards or whatever it is your using your SB's for.

SwagBucks Special Offers that worked for me. All listed were instant or within a small amount of time to credit unless otherwise stated.

gWallet>free>Say Hello to Your New Phone for 9SB's this is the facebook app, that you can delete immediately and redo the offer again, as long as it appears. (see the post from 1/3/2010 for further instruction)

gWallet>free>Receive free coupons from your favorite brands with! for 11SB's, fill out info, skip/no through the remaining pages. If you've done a lifescript offer in the past you will need a new email address, there is no confirmation email :)

gWallet>free>Do you have diabetes? Join Diabetic Connect! for 27SB's fill out info, skip/no through the remaining pages. there is no confirmation email here either ;)

gWallet>free>Install the application! for 9SB's install un-install no problems at all.

gWallet>free>Download game Virtual Families for free! for 10SB's, the game is cute if you've ever played any of the Virtual villager games or even the Sims. I dislike all the ad's during game play. The offer was taking a bit to credit so started playing (maybe 5 minutes worth) exited, and I was credited. Did my playing trigger it or did it just take that long I'm really not sure.

gWallet>free>Free download - Coupons automatically drop down in your browser! for 41SB's quick download, I entered my email address to be sure to get a credit, I have completed this offer a multitude of times. If I ever don't get credit I won't be emailing for it since I've been paid for it already.

PaymentWall/OfferWall>free/new>Download and install a shopping toolbar to receive grocery coupons and samples. for 14 SB's. Intalled, then un-installed. fast, easy and instant credit.

SuperRewards>Video>Science Diet starring Alison Sweeny, 3SB payout credited instantly.

SuperRewards>free>Buy With Me for 40SB's. I completed the offer, email etc. I never received credit, I went to the missing swagbucks/offer status link, where I told them completed did not receive credit's and copied and pasted my confirmation/welcome email with header (instructions in newbie section) and was credited within minutes of sending in the request.

TrialPay>New> ABC Winter Wipeout for 2SB's. 1 must watch video you can skip steps 2 and 3 which is a facebook like, and share, you can skip both and be credited. 3rd day in a row, It premiers Thursday so maybe we'll get it for 2 more days :) that would be nice!

Gambit>SwagMail Video Link for Brisk Iced Tea worth 1SB. Hopefully everyone retained the video email in their swag mail to get this credit. If your not sure what swag mail is you can go to the newbies section for more information, I've included some horrible screen shots to see where I'm talking about.

Have a great day everyone! Today's blog post will have netted you: 189SB's! Not bad, I know it's a lot of little stuff, but they start adding up quickly, add in your STV, your searches, referrals if you have them, games if your a beta tester, and you should earn yourself an AGC today (not a guarantee but you should get at least 1/2 way there)

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