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Friday, January 7, 2011

01/07/2011 Just a tad late

I usually like to get all my stuff done in the morning, I did manage to get a few things done. I'll leave it at that and remind everyone I have a 17 month old demonic son. Yes I said demonic. I can if I want to. LOL!!!

Okay I did some SwagBucks Special Offers this morning, they all didn't credit so I'm only going to post those that did, and then maybe I can get a weekend post with those that didn't, and had to send in a ticket. Okay lets get down to it, since I don't have much time today.

SwagBucks Special Offers that worked for me, (don't forget this should hold true for other sites with the same offerwalls, so your really getting one post for all)

gWallet>free>Say Hello to Your New Phone windows phone facebook app, for 11SB's. It took so long to credit, that I did it a second time, and what do you know I was paid twice, so if you don't get credit right away go on and do it again. Remember to uninstall the app from your facebook right after you complete it, that way you can do it again. (see older post)

gWallet>free>Get a free auto insurance quote today! for 135SB's it's the Discount-Car-Insurance offer, and it didn't credit instantly but credited within an hour or so. I used my google voice number without any problems.

gWallet>free>Free download - Play Sushi : 99 Bricks for 27SB's credited pretty quickly.

TapJoy>free>Play Zynga's Newest Game - CityVille for 8SB's credited quickly. (facebook install)

TapJoy>free>Do You Dare Take the Impossible Quiz? for 90SB's Almost instant credit. (it's a download)

SuperRewards>free>Get Auto Insurance quotes now for 25SB's, I entered my zip code, and entered, I then chose one of the sponsored offers, entered my zip code again. The first time I clicked one of the sponsors under the first set of sponsored offers (i think they were the google ads) and clicked on an actual banner I think it was liberty mutual or something, I waited about 10 minutes, went back in did the same thing but this time, clicked a link in the first set of sponsored offers, which one caused the win, I'm honestly not sure. Either way it was an easy 25SB's.

SuperRewards>free>Get fantapper, it's free for 25SB's, first let me tell you it says it's a facebook app, but it's not, it contains a firefox add on and something else, I installed and uninstalled, was credited shortly after.

Yesterday I had the Wipeout video, like, share on facebook offer on Trial Pay again, I was able to refresh the page and go back for a total of 6SB's. If you read the Facebook My Daily Swag page, then you should have hopefully been able to do the same :)

This blog post will have netted you 300+SB's. (hopefully). Have a great weekend everyone! If all else fails I'll be back on Monday :)

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