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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

01/11/2011 Extra Time Today

Even running around all morning shopping, I decided to get in a quick blog post for you all. I wanted to let everyone know I am holding the $5 AGC giveaway on Friday January 14th, 2010. The rules will be simple, the first person to respond correctly to the question will win the card. The contest will be held on the Facebook My Daily Swag page, I will post the question sometime around 10 a.m. EST so watch the page for details. *note around 10 am not precisely at 10 am*

Please remember this is a giveaway the only string attached is that you answer the question. I will give everyone this one hint in advance so everyone is on fair ground you have 3+ days to study. The answer will be found in my blog, so study up. There will be only 1 $5 AGC, and please don't be a sore loser about it. I want it to be fun for everyone, it only takes 1 whiner in the bunch to cause misery. Also please remember I'm an individual person, not a company or entity so it's coming out of my Amazon Gift Card wallet earned by me for my time and effort.

I have a couple offers today I would have saved for tomorrow but since I'm posting today, you can have the one's I've done, which isn't many.

gWallet>Say hello to your new phone, for 11SB's again!!! I really love this offer :)

gWallet>Download DJ Fest now for Free and get Swag Bucks! for 17SB's. I completed the offer even played the game for 5 minutes, made it to level 3 took my screen shot, of the game up along side my installed programs list, took a screen shot, and submitted my ticket. They say 1-4 days to credit, and it took about 3 days.

gWallet>Save up to on Last-Minute Cruises with! for 21SB's. When you click on the link you'll be brought to another page, at the top of that page there will be an advertisement banner click that, on the new page, select a cruise line from the drop down list, fill out information, click submit, instant credit.

gWallet>Engage yourself with CrowdTap! for 41SB's If you get to level 2 it's supposed to auto credit, however mine did not. I sent a screen shot of my account to them and was paid. It wasn't hard to do.

TapJoy>Xenos needs your help for 15SB's. It's a facebook app install and credited instantly.

TapJoy> Fight for the fate of humanity, for 3SB's. A facebook app install, create a username, password, choose alliance, and done. Then My account, privacy settings, edit app's, and remove. easy 3!

I also got a 108SB's credit from gWallet for an offer, and I can't find out where from exactly, if anyone know's what offer this was please fill me in. thanks, lol.

I just want to add that it appears for me at least that my missing swagbucks section has been fixed on the TapJoy wall, I have a new interface with a drop down box for offers that didn't credit. The drop down box appears to be alphabetical, at least for now.

Today's blog post will have netted you a hard earned 108 SB's (hard earned = screen shots and emails)

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