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Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Good almost afternoon. I have very few offers today, and it's a snow day here in Jersey. I have to admit our roads didn't look bad at all this morning. Anyway they called schools off last night, I think we got less then was expected, although I haven't been out there.

My SwagBucks special offers that worked for me today are very few sorry, I've been a bit busy and I don't have many that are available to me. However, since my TapJoy wall is fixed, I should be able to complete more offers there.

gWallet>free>Free online role playing game for 14SB's. I created the account, started the download, canceled the download and was credited in about 1/2 an hour.

gWallet>free>windows phone facebook app for 11 again.

TapJoy>Unleash the Viking within, you must play to level 3, after completing all the steps in the bar just above the game window, and fighting a few battles, I was able to advance to level 3 and was immediately auto-credited. for 20SB's I think it should have been more since it was a bit of work for a Facebook app. Overall though the game itself isn't half bad.

I'll see you all Friday, for the give away and hopefully some offers.
Today's post will have netted you a measly but easy 45SB's.

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