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Monday, January 17, 2011


Afternoon everyone. I don't have much in the way of offers today. I was actually thinking of skipping the whole post till I had some good one's for ya. It's just getting harder and harder for me, The more offers you do the less you have in all those pages.

Here's what I've done since Friday-ish.

SuperRewards>free>OfferApp get paid apps for free for 6SB's instant credit.

SuperRewards>free>Not just a game a way of life, Mafia Mofo for 5SB's had to copy and paste email header to get credit.

SuperRewards>free>Send your friends a free virtual breakdancing santa for 4SB's credited within an hour or so.

SuperRewards>free>Debit Card, No Rewards, Say Hello to Card Power for 284SB's (your amount may differ) I waited for this offer for a really long time, I did see a post over the weekend from someone on the facebook swagbucks page saying that they completed the offer and have no issues with it, and use the service. Remember this is your card, and credit, so I'm not responsible. I did  have an issue of it saying I already loaded this card but I never did so I'm not sure what's going on there, I have an email into their support staff. I had to send them proof of completion to get credit so not an instant winner for me.

gWallet>free>Window's phone for 11SB's again :) You can check through some of my previous blog posts for info on how to uninstall the facebook app.

gWallet>free>Watch the Geo Trust video for 1SB, unimpressed with the amount of SB's for the length of the video.  Watch it twice for 1SBx2 viewings = 2SB's payout.

Today's post will have netted you 312SBs (give or take)

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