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Friday, January 21, 2011


Good Morning Everyone :)

First I just want to thank all of my referrals. You guys are really awesome! I've lost a few of you over the last few weeks, with you all maxing out on me. I hope your enjoying SwagBucks as much as I do, and when your ready I'll introduce you to the other sites that are out there. Earning you even more.

I hope everyone got the $10 for $20 Amazon Gift card this week, and the 280SB's for buying it, making the actual cost around the $7 mark after your swagbucks conversion.

I was unable to use SuperRewards to purchase my order from earlier in the week, and was left feeling really deflated, I really wanted the extra 400+SB's. If you haven't purchased your order, yet, I'd advise trying to use the SwagBucks Shop and Earn section if you've never used shop and earn before, just click the drop down box, press the letter S on your keyboard (for a fast way down to the S's) and go down the list for ShoeBuy once you click it you'll see on the page the logo, just click on it to go to the store and make your purchase. You should earn 2SB's for every $1 you spend. It's not quite 472SB's but at least it's something. You can also try using the promo code I listed on the My Daily Swag Facebook page for an additional savings.

Today I'm going to discuss the new 2 Point Conversion Promotion for Special Offers on SwagBucks. Starting on 1/19/2011 every special offer you complete that's worth 6 or more SB's will pay an additional 2SB's per offer, and if you complete 20 offers or more that total 6 SB's or more through Super Bowl Sunday, February 6th, 2011 you will receive a 40SB bonus, they are also including any of the tasks that you may complete on the Gambit offerwall. All bonus' will be paid out on February 8th, 2011 according the notice sent by SwagBucks. If you haven't read the notice yet it's located in your SwagBucks mailbox.

I will be doing my best to help you all get your 20 Special Offers in. Just please remember you will undoubtedly have more offers then I do on your offerwalls, you can check through past blog posts of mine to see what I've done in the past to help you get your 20 in addition to anything I post about in this blog. We have a long way to go to get the 20 in, I'm trying to remain optimistic, even with TapJoy working and now again not working for me (missing swagbucks link).

Looks like gWallet, has finally finished with the Window's phone offer, at least for me, it's not allowing me to access the offer. I will see if it appears again tomorrow. This offer is listed on the TapJoy wall and pays around 13SB's (I think), so if you want to get it for that wall as well have at it :) If your not sure what it is; it's a simple facebook app and you can find info on how to un-install a facebook app in the Guide to Special Offers Section.

Okay this morning I attempted quite a fw offers, and most of them didn't credit, So I'll wait to see the results before I post them. Those that have credited for me this morning are:

SuperRewards>free> Free easy and fun gamer missions for 7SB's It was a Facebook app install, for a game. I believe SuperRewards offers a new "mission" daily but don't quote me on that, I just know I see them here quite often. Remember once you've fulfilled the requirements to remove the app in case it ever returns in the future. This app was for City of Wonder. I made it to level 3 made sure I filled up the progress bar at the top by liking the page and allowing auto posting etc. All of this stuff get's removed once you remove the app.

SuperRewards>free>Remedy Life Osteoporosis for 23SB's. Enter your email, answer the questions, skip and pass the offers, and wallah 23SB's deposited into your SB's account :) 

TapJoy>free>Find a job you like as much as you like this game for 25SB's. It's for filled out my information, not 100% but I plan on finishing, since I really need a J-O-B very soon! The credit took a little bit to come through but overall fast payout within an hour or less.

Gambit>Videos>Lipton Brisk for 1 lowly SwagBuck. But it's a SB and they all add up eventually. 

Well that's all I have for you today, except I wanted to mention about the SwagBucks Coupons. Mine are starting to roll in now, and wanted to thank SwagBucks for adding this nifty feature. I also wanted to remind everyone that if you preferred to get cashback on your coupons, you could actually use Inbox Dollars for that, it's your choice really.

Today's blog post will have netted you 56SB's. Hopefully I can add to this today, check back again later this evening, I'll update the facebook page if I update this post. Have a great day everyone and Happy Swaggin'!

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