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Monday, January 24, 2011


Good Morning everyone hope you all had a great weekend. If you haven't seen it or didn't know about it there is a SwagBucks Promo that's been going on since Thursday, January 20th and is running through SuperBowl Sunday, the promo is being called "The 2 Point Conversion" and the promotion states that it actually started the 19th, so the Special Offers for the Amazon Gift Card through will count toward the promotion. Basically you need to complete 20 special offers starting the 19th and running through SuperBowl sunday, and you will get a 40 SwagBuck bonus, in addition to that you will receive 2 SwagBucks per offer completed, basically netting you an extra 80SB's just for doing some special offers. Now if you've been following my blog for a while or have read through the Special Offers guide you should be a Special Offer king/queen by now and hopefully were rocking the offers all weekend. I know you took your screen shots and saved all your emails so your ready to battle! If you use Gambit to complete tasks, those are also included in the offer.

I'm inserting an Editorial here. I Don't know what the deal is now whether or not there is an additional 40SB bonus or not. I'm reading some information on the Facebook SwagBucks wall that is saying, there's no additional bonus, do at your own risk I make no guarantees that there is in fact an additional 40SB bonus, however there information reads otherwise. (inserted on 1/24 at 7pm EST)

While watching the demise of both the Jets and the Bears yesterday I completed some offers for us, those and whatever I did throughout the weekend. Just a reminder if your not a SwagBucks user, and prefer to use the other sites for Special Offers the same rules should pertain and the same offers should be available. I have planned on adding ZoomBucks offers and iRazoo offers to the blog, but it's just so much work and I don't have as much time to do all of them. At least not yet, soon I hope, but having an 18 month old in constant demand of my attention really limits what I'm able to do and how often I'm able to post. If anyone is interested in sharing their success please email and I can add your offers to the blog for those sites.

I'm going to try and group these by Wall from left to right so you can do 1 wall at a time, and please remember I always click "free" to weed out most of the paying offers.

SwagBucks offers that worked for me:

Search for just what you feel like watching on Jinni! Sign up for free and share Jinni on Facebook! for 8SB's Instant credit after clicking on email verification link.

Add in:
Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Tell us. for 60SB's, you have to select yes to at least 1 on each page of the yes/no options, skip through to the end, at the end there was some kind of firefox add on, I clicked the allow button but never clicked to install it (just in case I needed it for credit) I had my credit's instantly :) 60SB's pain free :)

Find a job you like as much as you like this game for 25SB's. It's actually not a game, I think it was for I just filled out a quick profile and actually searched for a job.
I completed other offers at TapJoy that didn't credit, and I can't even send in through the missing swagbucks section, thanks for fixing it, and then making it broken again!!

KGB Deals- Get Daily Deals in Your City! !for 40SB's this offer actually didn't autocredit for me, and I thought it would since so many others got credit for it. I have a ticket in with them and I'm sure they'll pay up. (this offer was not under free, it was just in the list on the first page)

Say Hello to your new phone for 11SB's a facebook app, and instantly credited if you've been following the blog you know that I've been credited for this offer a multitude of times, and on more then 1 site, however the 19th was actually the last day I had it appear on gWallet. I'll miss you Windows Phone you netted me many SwagBucks and I thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

FREE Weird News Email Newsletter! for 9SB's. Just sign up with your email address, I personally went through all the Yes/No, pass, skip offer sections and clicked the activation email and got instant credit.

Free sports update newsletter! for 9SB's. Just sign up with your email address, I personally went through all the Yes/No, pass, skip offer sections and clicked the activation email and got instant credit.

The Best Free File-Sharing Software! for 6SB's download iMesh. I downloaded and uninstalled immediately after being credited.

My Shopping Genie - finding bargains made easy. for 12SB's. This offer actually took a while to credit, I had a ticket in for it, and when I woke up it had credited already, and support let me know about it :)

Boost your weight loss with alli. for 36SB's I got an email from them and waited and waited I finally read the email and clicked on the yellow/gold link that said visit myalliplan, immediately after that I got a 2nd email saying congratulations. I was credited immediately after receiving that email. So the first email I'm assuming is a confirmation email and you need to click on it.

Free, Easy and Fun gamer missions for 7SB's I forget what exactly it was for but I got credit, after installing the app and more then likely playing the game, but it was an easy 7SB's.

Remedy Life Osteoporosis for 23SB's, is just a remedy life email signup, click all the way through and you should have your credit, I usually just click No's, No thanks, and skip, after the first page.

Meet Singles with Flirtmaps for 28SB's it's a facebook app install and is some kind of hookup/dating app, it was kind of cute but I'd rather be tracking my family members or my son when he get's older then a date. It pretty much shows all available in your area, etc. easily uninstall from your facebook account use instructions in the guide to special offers.

Get Designer Sample Sales for 330SB's. You may or may not have this offer available. It was listed under free and said no purchase required, when you clicked through the link I assumed I'd be signing up for a deal a day site like Gilt, HauteLookor a few of the others, however there was no place to sign up just add to your cart and buy stuff. I certainly didn't want to make a purchase and the offer said no purchase required. I took all my screen shots and emailed them, they didn't give me any problems getting credit, I did this offer at night on the 20th, The next morning I made my daily visit over the the SwagBucks Facebook page, and seen everyone was in the same boat and that increased a ton of traffic to that offer, and I think SuperRewards stopped paying on it. So I'm not sure exactly if the offer is still there, or if it's been moved and changed. If it's there I think your odds are 50/50 that you'll get it. I didn't include it in my Friday blog post because I was still waiting to see if I'd be credited, along with a list of others. I don't include all the offers I do, because alot of them require alot of work to get paid, like email after email screen shot after screen shot, and then in some cases they just stop answering, and then I have to contact SwagBucks. I really leave that as a last resort and only if its for a lot of swagbucks or if i'm really POed!

gWallet Slider>
Continue the football season free! Play now! for 25SB's had to download which makes no sence what so ever since the game is played in the web browser, and it's really horrible but I played it for a bit and I never received credit, so I took my screenshots and emailed gWallet, we'll see what happens but I'm sure they'll credit me. Just a fair warning.

Find local, real paying jobs in your area FAST! for 7SB's entered email clicked through and searched for a Job credited quickly.

Today's blog post will have netted you a fairly easy 246SB's *not including the Designer Samples offer.

Have a great day everyone! If I get credit for any outstanding offers, or complete anymore I'll try and be back today, if not I'll be back on Wednesday.

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