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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

01/26/2011 Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!

Well we have another snowy day here in Jersey, aren't ya loving it all ?!? Just kidding I'm actually getting a little sick of it, especially if it starts interfering in my weekly shopping trip! Which is really just my break from home, and my demon child. Speaking of my little demon, he's a little sick, running a small fever, since yesterday and today started all the cold symptoms, coughing, sneezing a slight runny nose, which I'm sure is just going to get worse before it gets better. He's only been sick once before and it was like a Summer cold, and really wasn't that bad. So please keep this in mind because I'm about to tell you I haven't done much of the Special offers yesterday or today. I do have an offer or two to share, that I did complete. One is for 100+SB's so that should ease your suffering :)


Who are you rooting for in the Super Bowl? Tell us. for 60SB's, you have to select yes to at least 1 on each page of the yes/no options, skip through to the end, at the end there was some kind of firefox add on, I clicked the allow button but never clicked to install it (just in case I needed it for credit) I had my credit's instantly :) 60SB's pain free :) (this was an add-in to Monday's post)


Huge savings on everyday items. FREE $5 for signup, for 136SB's. The offer is for Offermatic, I was actually pretty excited to see it there, since I had the website saved to my favorites to sign up for at a later time, I first found out about it a week or two ago, there was an offer for where you buy $50 worth of product and get $25 off, needless to say most (at least mine) was canceled after digging around I found out the offer was actually for Offermatic customers. So I went to the site and had a look around. It seems similar to CardPower, and even but with a rewards program. After inputting all of my info, I had already qualified for one of their offers, I got a $10 Subway Gift card for $4.00 the offer states for $5.00 but if you use some of your points you can trim an extra buck! We'll see if it comes, but I did sign up, I use Bank of America, and they're pretty good about fixing any problems with your card, if something goes awry.

gWallet wall or Slider>
Continue the football season free! Play now! for 25SB's had to download which makes no sence what so ever since the game is played in the web browser, and it's really horrible but I played it for a bit and I never received credit, so I took my screenshots and emailed gWallet, we'll see what happens but I'm sure they'll credit me. Just a fair warning. (this was posted in monday's blog post) I received credit for it this morning. I'm assuming I did but haven't received an email response confirming this yet but I have a 25SB Credit from gWallet, I can't see it being for anything else, although that's not entirely impossible.

On the homepage, between the Froobi deal of the day, and the Advertisement slider, there was a task to watch video's you could complete it 3 times for a total of 6SB's, the first video's I had were Monday evening for the MSN video it was 15seconds long and easy enough. Last night I was able to watch 4 times for a total of 8SB's the video was for Mercedes, and a car that ran on Tweet's. I had the sound off so I wasn't listening to it but I was intrigued to watch it this morning, I may just do a search and see if I can't watch it, be warned it's pretty long at 2+ minutes per viewing.

Good Luck today Swaggers, Zoomer's, and iRazooers, Hope your search wins are High and all your offers pay out promptly!

Today's blog post will have netted you 175SB's + the Gambit offer from Monday if you didn't complete it yet for 60SB's. If I add anything tonight I'll leave a post on the FaceBook page.

P.S. Thank you SwagBucks, for hopefully ridding us of the Cheaters, I'd love to play the games but decided early on when I played a tournament that it wasn't going to work with ridiculous unbeatable scores. Hence I do not play, not even to get the lousy 10SB's per day.

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