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Friday, January 28, 2011

01/28/2011 Happy Mega SwagBucks Friday!

Yes, it's another Mega SwagBucks Friday. I haven't had any mega wins but according to the Facebook Swag page, others are hitting some big numbers. The inevitable has finally happened, the nasty illness that's been plaguing my husband and son, has struck and forced it's grimy germs into my system. Mom's are usually the one's to get it last so here I am, with it starting and it's already horrible, my throat is scratchy and I can feel the congestion getting ready to build, I hate germs!
Okay, now that, that's out of my system, I can tell you because of this nasty illness I'm supre lazy hence the late post. Here's what I have like it or not, I started some offers yesterday, never finished, and today I did a few none have credited, so I'm just surrendering for the day.

Here's what I have for you, hope it helps, and it's not much at all.


See The Top Photos On Facebook! for 10SB's. Pretty instant credit once the app finally loaded, it really took forever, and I think after it loads you have to look through the pictures or something, just follow the directions exactly as stated on the offer page, and it will credit.


Register and play Seafight, the online pirate game. For 8SB's. Just registered, and I think confirmed email. Didn't play, instant credit.


Try Gold's Gym free for 7day's 45SB's. Instant credit, just signed up, I think I chose a local gym, I did not print out the pass.

There was a video in the December 9th Gambit video's email again. I forget what it was for. But it was good for 1 lowly SB.

So like I said not much but it's something, also make sure to look in between the Froobie deal of the day and the Rotating Swagbucks slider for 2point Video's.

Today's blog post will have netted you a GERMY 63SB's. Have a great weekend everyone.

P.S. there's another offer check it out here: it's buy a $30 gift certificate for $15. There's no SwagBucks offer for this, however maybe just maybe you can use the super rewards offer for the 400SB's. Also, you can actually score it for $13 instead of $15 since new users get a $2 credit for joining!


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