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Monday, January 31, 2011


Ugh, another Monday, the weekends gone and here we are trudging away. I've been a little busy this morning with our household what nots. But did manage to complete a few offers in between. Firstly I didn't do anything but watch payment wall, gambit, and SB task video's over the weekend, at 2 points a piece it was easy bucks. I had a few more today so check your your vids.

Today's offers that credited are:

Super Rewards>Free the #1 Source for Hourly Employment Find the best job for your skills and apply today for 17SB's. This was not an instant credit for me, I had to submit a ticket. I just copied and pasted the welcome email with header in my original email to them. I was then credited within 20 minutes or so. 

Sign up to Freebies List and get a free game! Register with Freebies List newsletter and receive updates on amazing free stuff. Plus we will help you choose a Free Game to download. for 14SB's. Also had to submit a ticket, just copied and pasted the first email I received from them. Credited in only a few minutes from ticket submission.

Pick a sponsor and type the code for 3SB's. Not an instant credit, but it was easy enough and credited within an hour.


Help create the hot new game coming to CafeMom and get Swag Bucks for 25SB's. This was actually a little annoying I had to answer 25 questions, the plus side is they count down but you have to scroll down to see it counting while you answer. Credited as soon as I answered the last question. 
Play free Lands and Legends on Facebook for 17SB's. I wasn't sure if we needed to play to be credited so I just went through the tutorial till I instituted a Governor. I think it's like the 3rd reward thingy. Not sure but already removed the app from my installs. 
I did an offer for Gambit but I think I'm going to have to submit a ticket, I try and wait a good while before submissions with them because they usually just take long to credit the offers, unlike the rest who are usually instant credits. 
Last order of business. I've been posting some deals, some Swag Related some not. I'm curious to know whether or not your interested in seeing them. Maybe just the hot Amazon deals and any deals that earn you Swag? Please let me know your input is greatly appreciated. You can just comment at the end of this blog post, and let me know your take, your welcomed to stay anonymous of course.
Today's blog post will have netted you 76SB's.  Try and make the best of your Monday today! 


  1. I like seeing the deals. So far they haven't been any I have been interested in. But I don't search the web like you do for deals so it is always good to have a headsup if I need/want something. Thanks for everyhting you post. This blog is a great resource!


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