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Monday, February 28, 2011

:::: Last Swag Code Alert ::::

At least for me... Check the SwagBucks Blog for more info! It's worth 50SB's I believe it's from the cryptogram... Good Luck!

P.S. it expires at 8:30pm EST!!! HURRY HURRY!!

:::: Another Swag Code Alert!!:::::

Another code is out and it's a whopper! 18SB's it expires at 6:30pm EST. So HURRY HURRY!! Check the widget right over there for a clue!

The new chat/toolbar feature for Swag Bucks.

So I wanted to make it easier to show everyone the new feature on swagbucks. Along with the new messaging/chat and notification system.

Here's where the location for the last code was you should be able to view it from this snip it.

So this little bar is at the bottom of all the swagbucks pages now, at least I've seen it just about everywhere except SBTV (thank goodnews). To see the notification like above, you click on that little man icon with the parenthesis around it. and that window will pop open and look like the one above. If there's no messages it will tell you. You can see there's a chat button that will allow you to chat with all of your swag friends.

You can also use the bar to click on any of the links to reach any of those swagbucks pages.

Now over on the right side the bar looks like this:

It has a nifty search feature, just like the swagbucks built in toolbar, an additional translation feature and it also has a like button...

The middle of the bar looks like this

And shows the most up to date feeds, from twitter, and the blog, (possibly facebook? not 100% sure on that)

:::: Swag Code Alert ::::

Yep another code! And it's worth 14SB's, it expires at 4:30pm EST! So Hurry!! You'll need to check the widget for it's location.

A little giveaway during the Birthday Bash lull

So recently I was selected to be a Purex insider, meaning I get to sample products and openly discuss my opinion of the product and share it with the world. I was sent today, a sample of the new Purex Complete Crystals Softener. I haven't used it yet but I'm really excited to.

My husband is over sensitive to smells, but me and my son are fine. So I always do our wash separately, not to mention the grime that comes off his work clothes GROSS! lol... okay so on with my story. I haven't had a chance to use the product yet, but I'm already excited to try it, first I don't need to wait till the rinse cycle and add it to the wash, and I don't need to worry about filling up a ball and making sure it's in there. With the new Crystals you put it in the machine at the start of your wash.

Let's take a look at the 6 Sides of Purex Complete Crystals.

I'm loving the 92% natural ingredients. I mean 100% is nice but 92% ain't to shabby :) I also love the fact that it's safe for not only sportswear but also my sons sleepwear. Okay your gonna think I'm even crazier now when I tell you that I have towels that don't seem to dry me off, I have at least 4 towels that I hate in my linen closet because they don't really dry. I think that after reading all the info on the Crystals, I understand why. There's some sort of chemical they must treat the towels with that make them that way. Even after a 100 washes they still don't dry.

So with all that being said. I've not only learned a little more about laundry, but I have a Giveaway! The first person to tell me in what year Purex was acquired by the Dial Corporation. (according to wikipedia).

Leave your answer in the comments section on the facebook page. Where this blog post will show up.

The first person to respond will receive a coupon for 1 Free Purex Complete Crystals Softener Reinvented 28oz. Bottle. expires 12/31/11 max value $5.50

Miss the code in SBTV? Here's another!

So if you missed the code that expired around 2pm EST. They have added another code only for those that missed the first one. First check out their Facebook status.

Then head on over to the Discussions Section and find the info TSGal pointed you towards.
It's worth 15SB's and expires at 2:40pm EST! So hurry!!!

If your having trouble finding it, in firefox and internet explorer you can press ctrl+F then in the little box type in "toaster" to get to the section where clue is, and then you should be able to locate the answer.

::::: SWAG CODE ALERT :::::

There's a code out right now worth 11SB's it is apparently some make up code for the one that was in the blog, that not everyone could get (I'm not sure cause I missed it). This code is good till: 12:05pm EST. for 11 SB's. The clue over there in the widget says, to search Birthday in the SwagStore. So it's not that hard to find, there's also only a few items that appear. It's easiest to start at the first one, then work your way through.

Also remember if your copy and pasting the codes that there are no spaces before or after the code before you click the gimmie button.

Hopefully I don't miss any codes for us today. I will alert you via the facebook page or here in the blog if it has a long expiration date.

Happy Birthday SwagBucks, Cryptogram info, and Got my 315 from Trial Pay!

Happy 3rd Birthday Swag Bucks! I already know it's the best one to date, since my membership started in June :)

Okay on to the negatives, I dislike that little chat/search bar on the bottom of search pages. And also the 3point SBTV wins. I never really maxed out at the 5 point one's and now it's almost as long and I earn less bucks. Maybe it's my computer I'm not sure, but it's no faster for me that's for sure.

On to the positives.

1. I like the new blog.
2. I like that you left the win count at 75 total SB's for the SBTV

Remember yesterday when I sent you on for the $1 redbox deal, which should have also netted you 315 SB's? Well I got mine when I woke up this morning. I did have to contact Trial Pay support with my proof, but they credited with no further issues. I was actually happy to even accept a lesser pay out since I did only pay a dollar but they came through and that's a $2.15 profit for the day! Thanks again Trial Pay!
Did I mention this deal is still live? Follow the instructions from this blog posting:  Click here for the deal

Now we just need the 4th letter of the CryptoGram and we'll be good to go!

In case you missed the letters see each of the following blogs they are listed from first to latest. We are still waiting on 1 letter as of this blog posting. Good Luck everyone.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

SwagBucks and Groupon 315SB's

There's an offer on Groupon (New York City for me) for 3 Redbox rentals for $1. I bought mine through the SwagBucks daily deals section. I clicked on any offer for groupon, then I made sure the Trial pay offer was at the top it should look like this:

It's a banner at the top of all the groupon pages once you get there. The offer is listed for Abilene Texas, however there was a link at the top of my NY City page, saying click here for the Red Box offer. That in turn took me to the Abilene, TX groupon offer. I did buy it. I haven't received credit yet. I do have screen shots and my confirmation email.

Will Trial Pay honor the offer listed at the top of the page? We'll see. It's only a buck if you want to give it a try.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

::::iRazoo Code Alert!::::

 iRazoo has a treasure code out worth 25 and expires tomorrow night at 11:59pm EST. Check their facebook page for more information. I would post the code but it doesn't say that I can. If you haven't joined iRazoo yet, just click on any of the iRazoo links :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Amazon HP Ink

If you didn't order your groupon for everyday source and you need ink, check out Amazon. Ink for my HP is on sale for $14.50 and ships free with Prime. That's a pretty sweet deal since I used my SwagBucks, iRazoo, ZoomBucks, and Viewpoints Gift Cards to buy it, making it completely free out of pocket.


HP 60 TriColor Ink cartridge from as low as $17.15* shipped!
(look for the one from toner planet, sent free via USPS, and save an additional 85 cents over the one advertised on the page.)

Forgot to mention the HP 60XL priced at $29.89 and ships free with prime.

P.S. Remember Amazon prices can change at any time so if you plan on buying don't wait, the price will probably go up.

::::: SWAG CODE ALERT :::::

There's a Swag Code out right now! It's a little bit of a hunt but not terribly hard to find. Check the SwagBucks Facebook page for more details. It's worth 6SB's till 2:55pm EST. Once you have the code make sure you have no spaces before or after it, and enter it in the gimmie box on

Happy Mega SwagBucks day!

Special Offers :)

Here's a list of special offers I've completed on SwagBucks since 2/18/2011. Hopefully most if not all of these offers are still available.


Get help with your asthma for 63SB's Instant Credit.
I completed this one through the video's section Play Zynga's Newest Game – CityVille! for 9sb's. You have to watch the video and install the app.


Check Out the US Building Digest in Las Vegas Exclusive Video for 1SB.
Send the Perfect Digital Valentine's Day Card Here! for 94SB's.


Video's were just about everyday until today, so sad :(


Earn SwagBucks in 7 seconds for 3sb's. I've been ablet o complete this offer a few times a day, however others are reporting back to back wins with it. I haven't had that luck. I've been credited at least 3 times a day doing it. I may have to try another browser, I'm using firefox.

Coca Cola happiness truck video for 2sb's. only 1 viewing but it's been there the last few days.


Get the latest deals in your city. for 16SB's I forgot what I signed up for in 24 hours (seriously! groupon maybe)


Play WPT texas hold'em facebook app install for 6SB's, not an instant credit, I sent them a screen shot of me sitting and playing. (I sat for 1 hand and left and uninstalled)

Meet the man behind your all time favorite movies, visit the site and click the like button for 20SB's. easiest 20 I ever made :)

Life Updates for 15SB's. Not an instant credit. I sent them the email with header that asked for me to confirm my subscription.

What Pets do You Own for 5SB's. Sign up for the pet daily deal site. Easy credit.

Today's post will have netted you over 200SB's.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I had heard of this website a few times, around but never really checked it out, well that was until today. Since I've been couponing and following alot of the other blogs information on coupons and where to locate them to go with the sales at my stores every week, I try a lot of new websites out, in my couponing mission today I was sent to for a $2 off Kashi coupon. Anywho. Made it there signed up completed 3 or 4 small little tasks that literally just took a few seconds each, and earned enough points to get my coupon. A few hours later, there on sale for a 1/5 of the points I spent,  50 to 10! Well the sale is still on theres also a new task for 50 points, so you can definately score some major coupons, including $10 off $50 at staples, $2 off any Kashi, $1 off Dagoba Organic Chocolate bar, $2 off Naked juice, $1 off honest tea, and a few others, they each only cost 10 points. So if you've never checked out now's a great time to start! If your already a member there's some hot coupons, there, and a new 50 point task.

According to Wikipedia:
RecycleBank is a company with offices in New York City and Philadelphia focused on recycling rewards. It does this by measuring the amount of material each home recycles then issuing RecycleBank Points based on the amount of materials recycled. These points can be used at participating local and national rewards partners. Reward points can also be earned through the Visa Gconomy Card, GreenNurture, Kashless, electronics recycling, and by participating in eBay's Green Team.[1][2][3]
RecycleBank was founded in 2004 by Patrick K. FitzGerald and Ron Gonen and a pilot program was launched in two Philadelphia neighborhoods.
RecycleBank is a member company of Ceres, a network nationwide of investors, environmental organizations and other public interest groups to address sustainability challenges such as global climate change. RRE Ventures and Sigma Partners are the largest institutional shareholder group and Ron Gonen, the co-founder and CEO is the largest individual shareholder.
As of December 2007, RecycleBank is in 125,000 households in the United States in over 35 municipalities.

::::: SWAG CODE ALERT :::::

There's a currently a SwagBucks Code out worth 15SB's! Yes you read that right 15SB's! Head on over to for more info! It's good til 5pm EST. You can only pick 1 code though :)

High Value Coffee coupon, + Eversave promo Code

Okay let's start with the coupon. They are Coupons, however I couldn't locate it in the swagbucks coupon section, which was really disappointing! You can print them from though.

They are all for Folgers Coffee, and here in jersey they are on sale for $2.99 at our Shoprite. so this is a huge deal for me to stock up, and I'm super excited about it. It's the little things ya know.

First go to enter zip code 43001 look for the Folgers coupon it will look like this:

Now That's a really big coupon!

There's a second one almost as good, enter zip 12550

Only downside to this one is that you have to buy 2 so it's slightly less in value but still $1.25 of each pound!

There's a third one it's really low and I already have 2 of them from my sunday paper it's $0.25 off and it's found in Zip 07307

Make sure you print immediately they won't last!

Okay also Eversave is offering $3 off any deal you purchase today, but you have to be a "fan" of the eversave page, so I suggest liking them first and using code: FAN.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

::: ZoomBucks Code Alert :::

I suggest checking your emails and the facebook page for information, on a ZoomBucks Promo Code that was just released for 5ZB's. This contest is LIMITED and can close at any time and will close without warning! Be quick!

If your not a member yet just click here to sign up! 

What's with All this SwagBucks Friends business?

Well I'm actually not a 100% sure. But if you seen the event on your facebook page (or you can click here), for SwagBucks 3rd birthday, it has been eluded to that adding swag friends to your swag friends list may count/account for something.

Here's what they have to say on the invite:

Our 3rd Birthday is coming up and we're going to have a crazy day! Expect codes galore, a brand new look and feel for the Swagbucks Blog, a new site feature that'll have big benefits for those of you who have been adding Swag Friends, and a new product that just may redefine the way you use Search. All of that and MORE fun and games this Monday, February 28th - be there or be square!

If your not sure where to look this is how/where:

Once you get to your friends section it will look like this:

You will be able to see all the friends you have added to your swag friends list from here. You can search through them by name. You can also see a list of pending friend requests you have sent out. Also as soon as you log in to the page you will see the names of members who may have requested you as a friend. So go on and have a look and accept your requests ASAP!

This is what your friend requests will/do look like:

Just click Accept or Ignore easy as that.

Now, there's currently a discussions topic over on the SwagBucks Facebook page, with users adding there swagbucks user name to the list and adding the other names to their list. My swag name is SmokeysSmokette. You can go on and add me I accept all requests. Someone has been keeping up with the list on the board so you only need to do a quick copy and paste, to add everyone on the list. the key is finding it. and then the long part which is clicking on each name to actually send the invite. (more on that in a minute) Once your accepted your list will soon be filling up, and hopefully this is a good thing since the TSG team has everyone adding everyone!

Here's a quick look at how to add a friend/friends. It's really quite easy.

First click this button:

Then this screen will pop up, be sure to click the tab/section where it says Enter Email Address/Swagname

Everyone over on the Facebook page are making it really easy to add friends to your list. You'll see there are two radio buttons, one that says Email and one that says Swagname, simply click on "Swagname" then in the big white box, enter the Swagnames of all the people you'd like separated by a comma, so it would look like this: SmokeysSmokette, jimmyjohn233333, Johnnyappleseed666, marcopolo12345, etcetera etcetera. Kind of like when you send an email to more then one person except we're losing everything after the @ sign. Then click the find your friends button. After you've clicked that a list will populate with all the names you just entered, you will have to click on each one in order for the request to be sent. It's tedious but I'm hoping it pays off in the end. Then you just wait for people to accept your request. Also don't forget to accept the requests waiting for you as well.

Now if you'd like to get on this Swagfriend list going around the facebook page. Simply go here, click on reply to topic, type in your swagname. Then look for the long list of names and copy and paste it into that box on your friends screen. 

Good luck and happy swaggin!

P.S. you can get to the Friends screen, by clicking on any of the pictures listed above. 

Free Cottenelle for all !

LOL Seriously my first post back is about free toilet paper! Enjoy!

Sign up for Free cottenelle on facebook!



Friday, February 18, 2011

::::: SWAG CODE ALERT :::::

There's a SwagBucks Code out right now! Here's what SwagBucks facebook status reads:
Hey guys! Go to SBTV and search for "dream." One of the videos on the first page of results has a clue to a code worth 5SB until 2:24pm PST. All Caps!

That's 5SB's till 5:24pm EST!

Everyday Source Groupon!

I must have some kind of ESP or something. In yesterday's post I mentioned I'd be on the lookout for a Groupon deal for for anyone needing printer ink or any of the other stuff they sell. I personally have only purchased re-manufactured ink from them, and I used the Trialpay click through for Groupon for 315SB's. You just have to click through from either the daily deals section of SwagBucks, or through Special offers section then TrialPay. Just click on any of the groupons listed to get to the website, once there change the state to Georgia and the city to Augusta, and make your purchase. You should get an almost immediate credit. If, not make sure to save your emails and take screen shots.

The Gift code is usually available immediately after your purchase, so if you really need some ink, you can order pretty much right away. The only down side to this deal is I can't find any offers for purchasing there, that includes shop & earn on both ZoomBucks and Swagbucks. Still all in all a great deal!

Here's what I mentioned about the groupon in the post:

Also, I'm going to be on the lookout and let you all know when I see this deal again, it's comes back often and sells out quick! Yesterday I didn't get a chance to share but there was a Groupon for pay $10 get a $20 credit. This is the 2nd one I've purchased. My ink refurbished on there is $17.99 plus shipping, after the $20 credit I end up owing $3.99 so $13.99 for ink (HP black XL model) shipped. It's a pretty sweet deal, especially if your a coupon printing ink waster like myself. Anyway I bought the Groupon through Trial pay yesterday for 315SB's. turning that into an even better deal (YAY!).

Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's offer time!

Oh yeah! I got some sweet offers for you all to check out, and they are high value! I also just want to remind everyone that just because I received an instant credit doesn't mean you will, and vice versa. I do attempt a ton of offers on a daily basis and I would say about 60% auto credit. Those aren't great odds but that's the facts. Today alone I did 6 offers, and only 2 auto credited, that figure doesn't include any video's.

We'll start with the one I did last.

Trial Pay>Life Lock for 315 instantly credited. Follow the instructions when you click the offer, make sure you click through and get your code, and enter it properly. After you enter the code on the phone, I chose I believe option 1 I'm pretty sure option 2 was for existing members. When the operator came on the line she asked which I wanted to purchase the monthly or the yearly. To which I responded, with I'm not really sure I really was just calling to check on the prices your currently offering. She was very polite informed me of the prices. When she was through she tried to sell me, and I politely asked her if she could email me all of the information so my husband and I could look over it together. She took my email address and that was that. Call lasted less then 4 minutes total. For less then 4 minutes, I almost made a $5 AGC. Definitely worth it!

Trial Pay surveys have been auto crediting for me with out fail so far. 

Tap Joy (hate joy)> Send the perfect digital valentine's day card here! for 94SB's. I downloaded it as a firefox add on. It credited immediately. I also uninstalled it immediately :)

3 of the 6 offers I did were here on Tap Joy, 2 didn't auto credit. And I don't even have an option to send in a ticket for the other 2. Isn't that nice! The other offer was on Gambit, but at least there's a link to email for missing swagbucks. 

Now you only need 94 SB's to score a $5 AGC! How sweet is that!! It's okay you can thank me another day. J/K I haven't had much in the way of offers lately so just wanted to share.

Also, I'm going to be on the lookout and let you all know when I see this deal again, it's comes back often and sells out quick! Yesterday I didn't get a chance to share but there was a Groupon for pay $10 get a $20 credit. This is the 2nd one I've purchased. My ink refurbished on there is $17.99 plus shipping, after the $20 credit I end up owing $3.99 so $13.99 for ink (HP black XL model) shipped. It's a pretty sweet deal, especially if your a coupon printing ink waster like myself. Anyway I bought the Groupon through Trial pay yesterday for 315SB's. turning that into an even better deal (YAY!).

Please remember these special offer should work for all other participating websites, like Zoombucks, iRazoo, and some of your facebook games, all offer a special offers section. They almost always have the same offers I mention, however some of the other places have additional offers that we don't see. So look around and see what you have!

Did you notice the new search feature, that white bar across the top of the page lets you search this blog for anything I've written about since it's inception, that includes every SO I've ever posted. It works quite well if your looking to see if I was credited for a specific offer before you attempt it. Check it out. Also, please remember we don't always have the same offers, I completed tons of offers before I started this blog. I just wish I kept better records.

Okay I've inundated you all enough in this post! Hopefully back with some codes later, or another offer, or anything worthwhile. Have a great evening everyone.

::::: SWAG CODE ALERT :::::

There's a code out. Check the SwagBucks Blog for more information. The code is for 7SB's and is good till 3PM EST.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

::::: SWAG CODE ALERT :::::

This is your Friendly Swagger with your SWAG CODE ALERT! There's a code out right now. It's worth 13 and is good till 6:45pm EST Check the Swagbucks facebook page right now for more information.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excitement is abound around here!

Yes I've completely lost my mind but I want to tell the world. It's really just coincidence that my last blog post was telling everyone about doing the 10 reviews for $10 on Viewpoints. I signed up last month sometime when they were running an 11 reviews for $11 promotion. Now I was a little bit skeptical because there's nothing saying whether you qualified, or you didn't qualify. You pretty much just wait for an email informing you of your gift card. I wasn't very happy about this, of course I found out AFTER I did the reviews. So I went ahead yesterday and started again, still in the dark if I even qualified for the first promotion. Well you guessed it I totally got my $11 Amazon gift card code in my email this evening. Also on Friday, I received a prize that I had won from their facebook page for St. Ives facial scrub.

So in conclusion, YES YES YES! to Viewpoints!
Honestly doing the reviews is pretty easy once you get going. So get in there get your reviews done!

Remember if you've never used their service to sign up on gWallet or TapJoy, I recommend the higher paying offer. Make sure to take your screen shots, and save your emails. Once you start reviewing remember the first goes towards your offer requirement then you need to do the 10 for $10. Good Luck everyone!

So on top of all the Viewpoints excitement I also forgot to mention on Friday that I received my first $5 gift card from iRazoo, that I ordered back on 12/30/2010. Yes it's a long wait time but definitely pay's out, and in the end that's really all that matters to me. If you haven't signed up check out iRazoo, I'll be adding a section for it soon enough. I've got lot's more in store for this blog and I hope you all hang on for the ride.

Personally I don't mind all that much waiting for Amazon gift cards since I basically use them for diapers, wipes, and random presents, and hopefully I can sock enough away for Christmas. That was my original plan for my SwagBucks money, was to save it all for Christmas presents. But life sometimes get's in the way and changes our plans. So, I'm currently using it for diapers, and whatever else we may need. Any who I went way of topic here, props if your still reading this. :)

Viewpoints Reviews = $10 Amazon Gift Card!

I totally forgot to mention this yesterday when I heard about it, because I was so busy trying to get my reviews in. I finally finished all of mine today, I did 11 total for the 10 reviews for $10 AGC.

If you haven't already signed up for Viewpoints now is a really great time. First there's 2 offers out there on the special offers walls. 1 is located on gWallet and looks like this:


It pays 27SB's. There's also another offer I believe over on TapJoy. However I can't see it because I completed mine through there. I'm 99% sure it paid a lot more then 27SB's. So check both offers before you sign up. I remember getting my points within a few hours of completing my review, and it was probably sooner but that's how long it was before I checked.

Please note that if you are a new user and you sign up through the offerwall, you will have to complete a total of 11 reviews, 1 for the offerwall, and then the 10 for the gift card promotion. You can read all the information in the rules.  Good Luck everyone!

If you already did sign up or haven't yet tried it here's what the offer looks like:

Qualifying Reviews Must:
  • Be written between February14th and February 23rd
  • Be at least 900 characters in lenght (there's a counter while your reviewing as well as spell checker)
  • Be in the categorites of Home & Garden, Family & Pets, Health  & Beauty, Kitchen (excluding food and beverages), or Computers & Electronics
  • Be about real products; inappropriate, bogus, or copied content will be removed
*Amazon is not a sponser of this promotion. Restrictions apply. See offer for details.

A special Offer or Two just for you :)

Okay I have a few special offers for you that auto credited for me.

Trial Pay continues to have video's for Paranormal Activity, The Truth video is back, and Mitsubishi. There all worth 2 points each.

Payment wall Sign up for the smart photo sharing and storage service. for 30SB's, I think this is the same Nikon offer that's currently listed on gWallet for less points. It did take some time to credit. I did the offer on Friday and was paid on Friday just not in time for Friday's blog post.

Super Rewards Have a parent or loved one in need of assisted Living? for 79SB's. I used my google voice number, you do have to call in to get the code at the end of the offer, to verify you are human. Credited within 1/2 an hour.

Have a great day. Hopefully I can send out a Code Alert soon!
P.S. it seems the Swag Gates have opened start searching :)

Poll Results, Trivia Answers, and a Freebie or Two.

The results are in on the poll, asking how everyone felt about the new design and additional postings on more then Just SwagBucks Special Offers. Here's a snip it of the results.

So out of the whole 10 poll votes I received only 1 of you didn't like the added postings. So they stay!

Yesterday's $5 Amazon Gift Card giveaway included two trivia questions, and a small treasure hunt.
It looked like this:
Here are the Trivia questions:
On what date did Ozzy and Sharon Marry?
On what date did Ozzy and Sharon renew their wedding vows?

Treasure Hunt:
Hidden in this blog on one of the many pages, you will find a phrase, enter the phrase with your answer.

The first person to respond with both the Trivia answers AND the Treasure Hunt phrase will win the Amazon Gift Card.

The answers were entered in first by reader Kayla! Her answers were:

4 July 1982
31 December 2002
OZZY RULES!<-- this was the treasure hunt answer and it was found on the Work at Home Information page you can still view it as I haven't removed it yet.

She was correct! Congrats again Kayla!

A couple of freebies if you haven't already signed up, now's your chance!

Get a free 7 Day Guest pass to Bally Total Fitnes!

Sign up for your free birthday ice cream with Baskin Robbins birthday Club it even allows you to add your family members during the same process so you don't have to go back and do it again for each individual.

Sign up for Dunkin Perks, and get a free medium coffee, plus another free medium coffee on your birthday.

Get a free sample of Ola Loa Vitamin drink mix

Get free Hugo Boss samples.

Free samples of Playtex Sport tampons.

Get a free sample for Pampers UnderJams

I'll load you guys up with some more as I find them. Also if your looking for a specific coupon or sample please just post in the comments or on the facebook page and I'll see if I can't come up with something for you.

Hope to be back in a bit with some special offers and or a code or two, or three or four! :)

Monday, February 14, 2011


There's a ZoomBucks Promo Code out right now worth 12ZB's! Check your emails for more information.

Time to sign up for your P&G Coupon Book!

P&G just reset it's Coupon book mailer! Just go here to the P&G site and sign up if you haven't already, fill out your information and click which coupons you want. I personally always click all of them. Then complete the process by confirming your address, and it will arrive in no time. This is a great little coupon book and comes in very handy for some great sales.

::::: SWAG CODE ALERT :::::

As you can see by the status update on the SwagBucks facebook page there's currently a code out worth 5SB's good till 7:30pm EST. Happy Hunting!

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