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Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Good Morning! Just a few things I wanted to stop by and tell you all about. 1. Is to remind you to complete the offer on TapJoy if it's still available. If not just click on the picture it should take you right there :)They have a great offer today for $25 off of $50 at Just click on offers after you log in. Plus you should be able to use Shop and Earn, when your ready to shop, just go to the shop and earn page and click on "Beauty" from the drop down list. You'll get 2SB's for every $1 spent. (not much but every little bit helps!) Alternatively you could use any Cash/Point back website that offers as one of their options.


Amazon has a great deal this month:

Spend $20 on select Magazines and Get $10 back in AGC's through February 28th. Great deal if your into Magazines.(thanks to For The Mommas)

And Don't forget to print out your Swag Coupons that Just reset today. There are some really good one's in there this morning, remember they remove them once they've hit they're limit. So if you know your going to buy something, print it now, before it's gone! Like the Huggies, Philadelphia cream cheese, Kotex, K~Y, just to name a few. At least 3 of those 4 are high value coupons, so get to printing. Plus if your not going to use them, you could always leave them on the shelf in the store for someone else.

Well that's what I have for you this morning, I'll see if I come up with anything else for you today. In the mean time, may your searches be plentiful, your offers pay instantly, and your survey's complete!

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