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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Good Morning, Swaggers, Zoomers, and iRazooers!

Have a few offers for everyone today, in the midst of this ice storm! My sweet hubby is home with us today, so I will get right down to it and hope to add more later, if I get around to it.

Has a number of video's in the video tab on the Gambit wall. Also be sure to check the December 9th mailer if you received it, and still have it. (check your swagbucks inbox)

Install BuckToBid and start saving big! Easy facebook app install for 16SB's, you have to allow it two separate times, but only have one spot to uninstall it. (check the newbies section on how to uninstall a facebook app).

Right on the front page, you'll see video's for Kia, call of duty black ops, and The Truth about Gasland each for 2SB's. 2x3= 6SB's for a few minutes of videos, (Gasland is 4 minutes long) 

Solve the Media Puzzle for 2SB's each. I did this offer numerous times. 

I'm also a little bit excited, in case you haven't noticed, I didn't until yesterday, TrialPay has added a Survey's section with 3 different offers for surveys. I plan on checking it out later today, please feel free to post your experiences with them if you've already completed a few. 


Looks, like they took down the "Earn SwagBucks in 7 Seconds" they were worth 4SB's each yesterday, I was able to do it a few times, it took a while but if you went back after some time, to either the slider or the wall it would let you do it again. They were the same "solve the media puzzles" from TrialPay. Still check your wall in case you have it and I don't :)

Affordable Healthcare Coverage for 25SB's I entered in my information, clicked the button, a new page opened with links to a dozen healthcare offers, I clicked one, and it didn't credit, I clicked another, and it credited immediately, the 2nd one had the link for discount-health-insurance or something like that, I think show this website as an offer to complete for 108 or 88SB's. 

I haven't had much to do on this wall, most are downloads, or the Life in Stride offers, that don't credit. I do check the video's and Surveys daily. Remember to take your screen shot of the last page on the survey's so you always have your proof. 

There's not much going on for me here, you can check for some app installs and possibly an insurance quote or two. Remember to keep your emails and to take your screen shots.

Today's blog post will net you 47+ SwagBucks.

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