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Friday, February 4, 2011


Happy MegaSwagBucks Friday!!! My bucks have not been Mega yet this morning, only a lousy 10, but I jest, I don't complain because I do love swagbucks, one day I'll get a huge win, and be exstatic! My largest win in a search to date is a 40, and I've gotten that twice. I'd also love some wins with the Valentine bucks so I can win the bonus but it doesn't look promising with three of the 8's and two of the 7's. Take it all in stride, if I win, I win. If I don't I'll cry along with everyone else on the facebook page :) On to other things.

I have a few, and I mean a few offers for you today. I just don't have that golden touch at all this morning! Nothing, is crediting, and it's making for a crappy Friday morning. I didn't even do any big offers, only the small ones. Oh well such is life, no use in complaining, who wants to hear it anyway. Here's what I have.


I have nothing for you cause they never pay, except video's and It keeps looping me for the TinyPrints video and won't play it! Annoyed by this 2 days in a row, just remove it please!!!


Take the Real Housewives quiz for 42SB's, credited instantly. YAY ME!! :)

Join myYearbook & Play games for FREE for 26SB's instantly credited.

I did a few other's no credit, and no recourse, there's no missing swagbucks for the offers I did so I'm screwed, thanks TapJoy.


There's been video's here everyday, (the gasland video credits after about a minute) I still haven't taken a survey I will attempt one during the demon's nap time later.  Also If you were looking to take advantage of the Groupon-Barnes & Noble offer, it seems Trial Pay has removed all offers for Groupon from their offers as of this morning, my guess is the overwhelming amount of orders for the deal. I haven't bought it yet, I'll wait and see if they add it back to the wall. I should have done it yesterday but never got around to it. 315SB's would have made a nice bump in my bucks, after buying all my $5 AGC's for the month. Did you remember to order yours yet?


Want to lose weight? It's the offer for My Ally, for 27SB's and it credits almost instantly, just be sure to click the link to log into your account, that's in your emails, I clicked in both emails makes it easier. 

I've attempted several other offers this morning, they were: sweet daily deals, free tide sample, and travel with southwest airlines, none have credited (it's been about an hour already, I usually give a few hours before contacting)


Get your Freebie Fix for 11SB's, was not an instant credit, did the copy and paste email with header (as instructed in the Guide to Special Offers section) 


Lot's of App installs for me and I only had to contact them once, and to be honest I think It's because I had it installed before (whoopsie)

Want to travel the world? play weemee life today for 7SB's. Actually it was kinda cute, a little yoville like maybe. however it's already uninstalled.

Play Kingdoms of Camelot for 9SB's, Another one that's not bad. I actually have a good amount of friends who play this game, I just don't have the time for it. I swag, coupon, this little blog here, and my son. Not room for much else. (wow my poor husband!)

Join Treasure Madness Now, for 7SB's. I need a customer service credit and I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to get it. I didn't realize till after I started playing that I had installed this once, but I never actually played it. A friend of mine was playing and kept posting that he needed help so one day I installed the app to be able to click and help in his link. Again I never played, I just knew the link click would work to help him. Anyway long story short, they credited me :) Thanks SuperRewards!

Moving Quotes-Best deal for 3SB's. It's a sign up and link click through, first off, the link click through is enough for 3SB's. Makes me not feel so bad about the 7 they credited on treasure madness. The quote and fill out should have netted this offer at least a 12, after the inundation of all the quote emails I received, annoying! It was an instant credit though.

Also, I will be having another Giveaway this month if we hit 200 fans/likes by February 23rd. If we do I Will have another $5 AGC Giveaway. So tell your friends, tell your family, tell the entire swag community to come and Like us!

Okay so today's blog post will have netted you 121SB's (not including video's or the B&N offer) Have a great weekend everyone.

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