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Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Morning Everyone. I felt horrible yesterday and didn't get around to a blog post, not to mention just about every offer I did, didn't credit, so it was making for a bad swag day, which then coupled with a horrible search day! Thank goodness for SBTV! I don't really do games once in a while they just don't seem worth the time for me, I'd rather spend that time searching on one of the other sites.

I have a few offers that instant credited for me today, not many but it's something and for the most part are pretty high value. Then I'll let you know which offers you'll need screen shots for, then stay tuned to see whether or not they are paying me for them in my next blog post. Don't forget I always click free unless otherwise noted :)


Get help with your asthma for 63SB's. Click the offer, a page will open, click the banner for Symbicort, fill out the information (it will tell you if you've signed up before probably for a different offer, this is when multiple email addresses comes in handy). I went as far as clicking to print the discount card, when the printer option window opened I clicked cancel. I was credited already when I went to check. So instant 63SB's for me!


Just sticking with the video's here I still haven't attempted a survey. I've just not been feeling great, I've got some issues lol.


Best City Game- The Burbs for 16SB's. This didn't instant credit, it took like an hour and a half, I played the game for a while and I think I may have even leveled to level 3 (I always try for level 3 it's usually when they credit for facebook games sometimes it's just an install) and it never leveled me to 3 in the game, yet It said I had the XP for 3, it's still in beta so that could of been a glitch or something. However it did Credit and that's all I care about in the end. As for the game I give it a C- wasn't all that great.


You know I'm really disappointed in them this week, I usually have no trouble with most of their offers however this week I've done a number of them and less then 1/2 have credited. Actually none of the offers I did on this wall yesterday Credited! I have tickets in for all the offers I listed on Friday for them I didn't get around to uploading my screen shots till this morning. Those offers were: sweet daily deals, free tide sample, and travel with southwest airlines. I'll let you know in Friday's post what the results were.

Payment Wall/Offer wall

Didn't do anything here, except watch video's so check and see if you have any. Besides taht with regards to free offers here, there's a few downloads, and mostly all life in stride offers that never credit for me, so I haven't been bothering with this wall to much. I'd love it if they'd offer something good!


I got a few hooray's here I actually really do like SuperRewards the best. As long as I have a screen shot or an email they always pay. So here's my Hooray for today, but let me explain. Remember the Groupon offer for Shoebuy $20 for $40 worth of shoes. It doesn't allow you to use the superrewards discount code in the shopping cart with the giftcertificate. So I went ahead and ordered my shoes anyway, and skipped earning any extra swagbucks, When they got here they didn't fit right, So I returned them for a size exchange, they emailed me and credited my gift certificate back because they don't have that style at all anymore, lucky me, cause one of our readers, said they were able to get credit with a screen shot. My new shoes cost an extra $4 (give or take) over the cost of the giftcard amount, again I clicked through from superrewards and got the same error. But this time I screen shot my order, sent them my email, and they responded asking for a screen shot of my bank statement less any important information, I complied and I recieved 400 swagbucks! Thank you SuperRewards! So if you haven't ordered your shoes yet, maybe that will help you.

Need Health Insurance for 79SB's. Fast easy health insurance quote, I used my google voice number, and had no trouble. Instant Credit!

You should be able to net an easy 142SB's for 2 easy offers. If you get the ShoeBuy offer amazing!

Have a great day everyone and I'll be back this week, hopefully with a deal or 2 and as always Special Offers that worked for me.

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