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Friday, February 11, 2011

Check this out!

I was just over getting in a search and doing my recommendations for the day at iRazoo, and then checked in at the Earn Mega Points section for my 5iP's and noticed that payment wall added surveys, although I may just not have noticed them before today but I did just now. The amounts look pretty good and you have 4 choices, I like choices, hmmm I wonder if the 5 minute survey is in there :)

so roughly 10 of the 222 iRazoo points survey will get you a $5 AGC! That's pretty sweet. Well any of them 10 times and a few searches will net you the giftcard.  The only downside is the slow payouts. Time to get on the ball iRazoo!

Haven't joined iRazoo yet? Click here.

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