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Friday, February 18, 2011

Everyday Source Groupon!

I must have some kind of ESP or something. In yesterday's post I mentioned I'd be on the lookout for a Groupon deal for for anyone needing printer ink or any of the other stuff they sell. I personally have only purchased re-manufactured ink from them, and I used the Trialpay click through for Groupon for 315SB's. You just have to click through from either the daily deals section of SwagBucks, or through Special offers section then TrialPay. Just click on any of the groupons listed to get to the website, once there change the state to Georgia and the city to Augusta, and make your purchase. You should get an almost immediate credit. If, not make sure to save your emails and take screen shots.

The Gift code is usually available immediately after your purchase, so if you really need some ink, you can order pretty much right away. The only down side to this deal is I can't find any offers for purchasing there, that includes shop & earn on both ZoomBucks and Swagbucks. Still all in all a great deal!

Here's what I mentioned about the groupon in the post:

Also, I'm going to be on the lookout and let you all know when I see this deal again, it's comes back often and sells out quick! Yesterday I didn't get a chance to share but there was a Groupon for pay $10 get a $20 credit. This is the 2nd one I've purchased. My ink refurbished on there is $17.99 plus shipping, after the $20 credit I end up owing $3.99 so $13.99 for ink (HP black XL model) shipped. It's a pretty sweet deal, especially if your a coupon printing ink waster like myself. Anyway I bought the Groupon through Trial pay yesterday for 315SB's. turning that into an even better deal (YAY!).

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