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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Excitement is abound around here!

Yes I've completely lost my mind but I want to tell the world. It's really just coincidence that my last blog post was telling everyone about doing the 10 reviews for $10 on Viewpoints. I signed up last month sometime when they were running an 11 reviews for $11 promotion. Now I was a little bit skeptical because there's nothing saying whether you qualified, or you didn't qualify. You pretty much just wait for an email informing you of your gift card. I wasn't very happy about this, of course I found out AFTER I did the reviews. So I went ahead yesterday and started again, still in the dark if I even qualified for the first promotion. Well you guessed it I totally got my $11 Amazon gift card code in my email this evening. Also on Friday, I received a prize that I had won from their facebook page for St. Ives facial scrub.

So in conclusion, YES YES YES! to Viewpoints!
Honestly doing the reviews is pretty easy once you get going. So get in there get your reviews done!

Remember if you've never used their service to sign up on gWallet or TapJoy, I recommend the higher paying offer. Make sure to take your screen shots, and save your emails. Once you start reviewing remember the first goes towards your offer requirement then you need to do the 10 for $10. Good Luck everyone!

So on top of all the Viewpoints excitement I also forgot to mention on Friday that I received my first $5 gift card from iRazoo, that I ordered back on 12/30/2010. Yes it's a long wait time but definitely pay's out, and in the end that's really all that matters to me. If you haven't signed up check out iRazoo, I'll be adding a section for it soon enough. I've got lot's more in store for this blog and I hope you all hang on for the ride.

Personally I don't mind all that much waiting for Amazon gift cards since I basically use them for diapers, wipes, and random presents, and hopefully I can sock enough away for Christmas. That was my original plan for my SwagBucks money, was to save it all for Christmas presents. But life sometimes get's in the way and changes our plans. So, I'm currently using it for diapers, and whatever else we may need. Any who I went way of topic here, props if your still reading this. :)


  1. I received my $11 agc today =] I'm 5 reviews away from this months $10 agc. I was super excited to get it and I too was a bit skeptical but now I am excited!

  2. Awesome!! Who knew it was soo easy right! :)


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