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Friday, February 11, 2011

Happy Mega SwagBucks day!

Good morning, hope everyone's having a great day today. Just a few things I wanted to discuss with you, don't worry I do have an offer or two this morning, but I'm not banging them out like I used to. One of the reasons is I'm not presented with as many offers as their used to be and the other is this.

Hopefully everyone can read it well enough. Looks like a new little feature that SwagBucks has added. Why? I'm not sure exactly. Half or more of the Special Offers do not credit for users, on top of that doing special offers requires a lot of work on the user's part. I know this for a fact. Not only do I have to complete the offer, I also have to take screen shots and save emails over and over again, to provide proof of completion when they don't credit. Now the offerwalls have gotten even smarter and don't even provide the link to the completed offer that didn't pay out (TapJoy) and your left with almost no recourse, and your left to taking a chance. As for completing the same offer across multiple walls, I say more power to us.

If I do the offer once on each wall, and it only credits on 1 does that mean I completed each time, or does it just mean I attempted it each time and finally cashed in on one. I'm the first to say SwagBucks has excellent customer service, but the excellence only comes after multiple attempts with the offer walls for credits. I've only had to thankfully contact swagbucks about an offer a few times. However, you must go through all the channels before getting it worked out.

If an offer comes back 30 days, 90 days, or even a year from now and I complete it again, am I at fault? What I'm saying is shouldn't the offerwall be a little bit responsible, they are after all saying here do this free offer, am I supposed to keep a running track of each and every offer I ever do and refer to it daily as to know whether or not I've EVER completed it? You can't be serious about that. I've completed hundreds of offers, and these offerwalls don't keep the records after a certain period, so why should I be held responsible, I do the work I expect to be paid for it. If you don't want me to do an offer, then don't offer it to me. Not to mention the fact that they change the way they advertise the offer to us on each wall how are we suppose to know when we click in there that it's going to take me to the same offer, are we supposed to be fortune tellers now to?

My TapJoy missing swagbucks links are still broken, they all don't show up in the missing bucks section, I've contacted swagbucks about the issue, and was told in the end it's on TapJoy and swagbucks has alerted them of the issue and they are working on it. Well after months it's still not working properly and I'm left with a chance that my offers won't credit there. So here's a tip for SwagBucks, these offer walls should be held accountable for offers they place on their walls no matter the issue. If it's broken they should fix it. If it didn't credit they should pay. End of story. But No! Instead SwagBucks would rather threaten us with account suspension. Not cool SwagBucks, not cool at all.

I'm just curious if they are out to kill my blog or special offers in general. What's your take on all of this? please feel free to comment on the My Daily Swag Facebook page, or right here in the comments section.

p.s. I know I'm probably blowing it totally out of proportion but it really just irked me to no extent seeing it last night and I can't stop thinking about all of the offers I was left hanging for just because they said I missed a step, or I didn't do something properly, this all before of course, learning to take screen shots, and even resorted to video of my actions for proof. This is the reason I started this blog to help other swaggers through the special offers learning how to get credit for everything we do. I mean we're virtually selling out for some SwagBucks, I'd like to at least get paid for them.

Also SwagBucks please, coupon redemption isn't a special offer and it should be given it's own section to sort by in the ledger. Before swagbucks added coupons I used Inbox Dollars, and they do have a seperate section for coupon redemptions so you can keep track. I'd really appreciate with all the changes your making that you add this small piece of code to sort them properly. Thanks in Advance!

Here's the offers I was able to complete without incident.

Trail Pay> Make sure you watch the video's I had 4 today, for 2SB's each.

TapJoy> Get tips for happiness (like the facebook page) for 7SB's. I'm not sure when it credited, but it did.

PaymentWall> Download youtube videos with YouTube Downloader. for 18SB's. Credited after download and before installing!

gWallet> Join Victoria Secret's Pink Nation! for 7SB's. Instant Credit.

They also still haven't paid out on sweet daily deals, free tide sample, and travel with southwest airlines. When I clicked on the links to those missing swagbucks, after I already submitted the ticket it said my requests were invalid. I sent in a new ticket for all 4 and was told to wait 1-4 days. Let's see what happens here. I also didn't get paid the 3SB's for some video that was up there the other day and there's no missing swagbucks link for it.

Today's blog post will net you a lousy 32SB's!


  1. Just thought I'd let you know that there is an offer worth 450 on trialpay which credited right away. It's for a 14-day free trial of Lumosity and does require a credit card number (I used an AMEX giftcard that I got for Chirstmas and only has a few dollars left on it without any problems). The offer does not say anything about cancelling so I cancelled after seeing the credit and got an email from Lumosity confirming "This email confirms that you have canceled recurring billing for your Lumosity subscription."

  2. I really need to get a pre-paid giftcard and then save a few bucks on it so I can do the trial offers, I'm just to dimwitted to remember to cancel them and scared that if even if I do they'll charge my card anyway. So I've been steering clear of them.


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