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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

 Today was off to a horrible start. Whiny Demon child, no NOSO, Toolbar, Daily Poll, or Trusted Survey, bucks for me and I'm sure most of you. I love my easy 4-5 SB's! I always get those no matter what happens the rest of the day. I'm sure they'll fix it but, it's not the best Valentines Day present to wake up to. A few minutes after the let down, I was lifted so high up. I received the last Valentines Day special SwagBuck for 12SB's. I've completed the promo... Finally!

I see everyone has read the good news and their will be a nice little Valentine present for someone. There will be a $5 Amazon Gift Card giveaway today. I haven't decided how I will work it, but I'm leaning towards a Morning giveaway so keep your eyes peeled. Use the little share button on your facebook wall to share with your friends so they have a chance at winning the 5 spot too!

I have a really neat Valentine's day promo for you today. I mentioned the website earlier in the week and today they have a fantastic offer, check it out below.


All new users receive a $2.00 credit to use on their first purchase, this is awesome today. So if your new to, you can use your $2.00 promotional credit, plus use the $4.00 discount code on any offer. This is going to really net an amazing deal for any of the promo's they are running today, Here's a few I've seen.

So That $27 price tag is going to $23 after you enter the promo code:
$6 for a one year subscription to Redbook or Good Housekeeping! I only wish they were offering an All You subscription.

And there's that great offer I mentioned last week! $8 was a decent deal but $4, now we're talking! You know I'm getting this one today!

There are a quite a few other offers, just change the city at the top of the page, then look down the right side of your screen for the offers I listed and many more. Also if your having trouble finding any of them, you can just email me at I answer in a relatively fast amount of time. 

I'll be back in a bit with some special offers and hopefully I can rustle us up a freebie or two. We'll see what I find.

P.S. don't forget to vote in my poll today, I really appreciate the feedback.  I'll be checking the results and closing the poll around Gift Card giveaway time.

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