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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's offer time!

Oh yeah! I got some sweet offers for you all to check out, and they are high value! I also just want to remind everyone that just because I received an instant credit doesn't mean you will, and vice versa. I do attempt a ton of offers on a daily basis and I would say about 60% auto credit. Those aren't great odds but that's the facts. Today alone I did 6 offers, and only 2 auto credited, that figure doesn't include any video's.

We'll start with the one I did last.

Trial Pay>Life Lock for 315 instantly credited. Follow the instructions when you click the offer, make sure you click through and get your code, and enter it properly. After you enter the code on the phone, I chose I believe option 1 I'm pretty sure option 2 was for existing members. When the operator came on the line she asked which I wanted to purchase the monthly or the yearly. To which I responded, with I'm not really sure I really was just calling to check on the prices your currently offering. She was very polite informed me of the prices. When she was through she tried to sell me, and I politely asked her if she could email me all of the information so my husband and I could look over it together. She took my email address and that was that. Call lasted less then 4 minutes total. For less then 4 minutes, I almost made a $5 AGC. Definitely worth it!

Trial Pay surveys have been auto crediting for me with out fail so far. 

Tap Joy (hate joy)> Send the perfect digital valentine's day card here! for 94SB's. I downloaded it as a firefox add on. It credited immediately. I also uninstalled it immediately :)

3 of the 6 offers I did were here on Tap Joy, 2 didn't auto credit. And I don't even have an option to send in a ticket for the other 2. Isn't that nice! The other offer was on Gambit, but at least there's a link to email for missing swagbucks. 

Now you only need 94 SB's to score a $5 AGC! How sweet is that!! It's okay you can thank me another day. J/K I haven't had much in the way of offers lately so just wanted to share.

Also, I'm going to be on the lookout and let you all know when I see this deal again, it's comes back often and sells out quick! Yesterday I didn't get a chance to share but there was a Groupon for pay $10 get a $20 credit. This is the 2nd one I've purchased. My ink refurbished on there is $17.99 plus shipping, after the $20 credit I end up owing $3.99 so $13.99 for ink (HP black XL model) shipped. It's a pretty sweet deal, especially if your a coupon printing ink waster like myself. Anyway I bought the Groupon through Trial pay yesterday for 315SB's. turning that into an even better deal (YAY!).

Please remember these special offer should work for all other participating websites, like Zoombucks, iRazoo, and some of your facebook games, all offer a special offers section. They almost always have the same offers I mention, however some of the other places have additional offers that we don't see. So look around and see what you have!

Did you notice the new search feature, that white bar across the top of the page lets you search this blog for anything I've written about since it's inception, that includes every SO I've ever posted. It works quite well if your looking to see if I was credited for a specific offer before you attempt it. Check it out. Also, please remember we don't always have the same offers, I completed tons of offers before I started this blog. I just wish I kept better records.

Okay I've inundated you all enough in this post! Hopefully back with some codes later, or another offer, or anything worthwhile. Have a great evening everyone.


  1. Glad to have found your blog!

    I tried the Valentine Card Tapjoy offer. Unfortunately, even after installing the toolbar and sending a card, I did not receive any SB. Hopefully their support department will come through.

  2. I'm glad you found it too! Sometimes they work sometimes they don't. Just make sure you have your screen shots, and emails (if there is one)It's a pain. But it only takes a few seconds and it's better to be safe then sorry :) I screen shot everything.


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