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Monday, February 14, 2011

It's time for the Amazon Gift Card Giveaway!

It's a lil bit of Celebrity Trivia, a little bit of a Treasure Hunt! I'm a huge OZZY fan so it's only fitting.

Here are the rules:

Only 1 answer per person no exceptions. So make sure 100% sure of the answer when you post it!
You must "comment" in the proper post. (You'll know where I promise!)
Order in which the answer is posted doesn't matter. The Treasure Hunt should be entered EXACTLY as it appears sort of like a swagcode :)

Here are the Trivia questions:
On what date did Ozzy and Sharon Marry?
On what date did Ozzy and Sharon renew their wedding vows?

Treasure Hunt:
Hidden in this blog on one of the many pages, you will find a phrase, enter the phrase with your answer.

The first person to respond with both the Trivia answers AND the Treasure Hunt phrase will win the Amazon Gift Card.

Remember 1 answer per person no exceptions! If you answer more then once you will be Disqualified (sorry).

P.S. Trivia questions are referring to Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne! 

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