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Monday, February 28, 2011

The new chat/toolbar feature for Swag Bucks.

So I wanted to make it easier to show everyone the new feature on swagbucks. Along with the new messaging/chat and notification system.

Here's where the location for the last code was you should be able to view it from this snip it.

So this little bar is at the bottom of all the swagbucks pages now, at least I've seen it just about everywhere except SBTV (thank goodnews). To see the notification like above, you click on that little man icon with the parenthesis around it. and that window will pop open and look like the one above. If there's no messages it will tell you. You can see there's a chat button that will allow you to chat with all of your swag friends.

You can also use the bar to click on any of the links to reach any of those swagbucks pages.

Now over on the right side the bar looks like this:

It has a nifty search feature, just like the swagbucks built in toolbar, an additional translation feature and it also has a like button...

The middle of the bar looks like this

And shows the most up to date feeds, from twitter, and the blog, (possibly facebook? not 100% sure on that)

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