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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Poll Results, Trivia Answers, and a Freebie or Two.

The results are in on the poll, asking how everyone felt about the new design and additional postings on more then Just SwagBucks Special Offers. Here's a snip it of the results.

So out of the whole 10 poll votes I received only 1 of you didn't like the added postings. So they stay!

Yesterday's $5 Amazon Gift Card giveaway included two trivia questions, and a small treasure hunt.
It looked like this:
Here are the Trivia questions:
On what date did Ozzy and Sharon Marry?
On what date did Ozzy and Sharon renew their wedding vows?

Treasure Hunt:
Hidden in this blog on one of the many pages, you will find a phrase, enter the phrase with your answer.

The first person to respond with both the Trivia answers AND the Treasure Hunt phrase will win the Amazon Gift Card.

The answers were entered in first by reader Kayla! Her answers were:

4 July 1982
31 December 2002
OZZY RULES!<-- this was the treasure hunt answer and it was found on the Work at Home Information page you can still view it as I haven't removed it yet.

She was correct! Congrats again Kayla!

A couple of freebies if you haven't already signed up, now's your chance!

Get a free 7 Day Guest pass to Bally Total Fitnes!

Sign up for your free birthday ice cream with Baskin Robbins birthday Club it even allows you to add your family members during the same process so you don't have to go back and do it again for each individual.

Sign up for Dunkin Perks, and get a free medium coffee, plus another free medium coffee on your birthday.

Get a free sample of Ola Loa Vitamin drink mix

Get free Hugo Boss samples.

Free samples of Playtex Sport tampons.

Get a free sample for Pampers UnderJams

I'll load you guys up with some more as I find them. Also if your looking for a specific coupon or sample please just post in the comments or on the facebook page and I'll see if I can't come up with something for you.

Hope to be back in a bit with some special offers and or a code or two, or three or four! :)

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